Invite Cards For Sikh Weddings

Just like other .munities in India, the Sikh .munity too is characterized by customs and traditions that are unique to the .munity. The uniqueness and beauty of this .munity is most evident in their wedding traditions. The Sikh wedding is called the Anand Karaj and is conducted according to Reht Maryada or the Sikh Code. The wedding is typically preceded by an engagement ceremony. In well to do families, a large number of guests are invited for the engagement ceremony. These days, engagement invitations are sent out for such events. The wedding ceremony typically takes place in the morning and in the presence of the holy Guru Granth Sahib. The wedding may be officiated by any adult man or woman who has undergone the Amrit initiation. This person explains the duties of the couple to the groom and bride. Following this, the bride and groom vow their fidelity to each other and accept their duties in front of the whole congregation. Guests are invited to the wedding through wedding cards. Typically, invitations are delivered by hand. Delivery through any other means is an affront. That said, many people have friends and relatives living far away in which cases, invitation cards are sent by post. Some of the most typical characteristics of Sikh wedding cards are: Expensive material: : Handmade paper, creamy tissue material, metallic paper, satin, handmade silk and wooly papers are some examples of materials used to make Sikh wedding cards. Textured or handmade card paper looks beautiful and rich. The textured paper is often .bined with decorative art work to make it look stunning. Kundan work is one of the most .mon designs. Textures play an important role in Sikh wedding cards. For example, metallic cards with embossed artwork and fonts are very popular with the Sikh .munity. Design: Wedding cards may contain stones, bindis and mirror work to make them look rich and glorious. For example, a border of paisleys embedded with stones looks stunning as well as expensive. Themes: Cards often contain typical wedding motifs like the cameo of a bride, the picture of a bridal party or of a wedding procession and so on. Font: It is customary to see rich calligraphy on Sikh wedding cards. These are reminiscent of the royal wedding cards of the past. Cards may contain holy verses too, written with a flourish. Sikh wedding cards are enclosed in matching envelopes. Typically, Sikh weddings are very colorful and joyous. There is a lot of music and fanfare both before and after the wedding ceremony. Since the wedding is a .ing together of two families, there is much bonhomie too. Men and women appear in their best attire. The trousseau of the bride and groom is breathtaking. It is a time of unrestricted joy and happiness. 相关的主题文章: