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Exercise Growing bored with an exercise routine is one of the top reasons that many people slack, or quit, exercising. If you are growing bored walking on your treadmill, there are many things you can do to make treadmill workouts more interesting. Here are some ideas that can keep your treadmill workouts fun and interesting: Movies, Music, CDs and TV. Use your treadmill workouts as a time when you catch up on your favorite TV programs, the newest movie releases, audio books and motivational CDs. If you have music in your bones, workout to your favorite music and your workout times will go by fast. Don’t be afraid to sing along and entertain the kids and pets. They’ll get a kick out of it! Pyramid Walking. A really cool mental challenge you can do during your treadmill workouts is pyramid walking. All you have to do is try to increase your pace by .1 mph every minute. Do this for 15 minutes. Then, try to decrease your pace by .1 mph every minute for the remaining 15 minutes of your treadmill workout. Walking for Dancers. If you have good coordination and love to dance, you can use your treadmill workouts as a time to increase your balance and strength. All you have to do is walk backwards at an even pace for a portion of your treadmill workouts. Numbers. To keep your mind busy during a workout, count your steps for one minute. Take a break the following minute, and then count your steps the next minute. Not only will this help you see when you need to pick up your pace, but over time you can see how your foot speed increases. Circuit Training. Treadmill workouts can benefit greatly by adding circuit training into the mix. Those of you who are interested in strength training can do lunges, crunches, free weights or some other strength building exercise for one minute after every five minutes of walking. Stretching. Most everyone loves stretching. A very enjoyable thing to incorporate into treadmill workouts is stretching. Walk 10 minutes, get off your machine and do stretching exercises for five minutes. Repeat this until your workout time is over. Walk and Climb. Place a stepper next to your treadmill and alternate between walking for five minutes and stepping for five minutes. Walk To a Destination. Many people love finding out how many miles it is to a favorite destination or relatives home and seeing how long it takes them to walk there on their treadmills. Chart your results and see how far it takes you to walk where you want to go. Heart Rate Training. Heart rate training is quick and intense. It is favored by many who are looking to bring variety into their workouts while keeping their fitness goals moving to the next level. Heart rate training involves monitoring your heart rate for the duration of your workout and moving in and out of different heart rate zones for two or three minute intervals. These are just some ideas to make your treadmill workouts more fun and interesting. The possibilities of what you can do are endless. Try new things and see what works for you. Keeping boredom at bay will keep your fitness goals on track and make your treadmill workouts fly by. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: