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Last year, the national toll road tolls 318 billion 700 million loss? September 20 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Qiao Xuefeng) in September 20th, the Ministry of transport in the consolidated provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) toll road statistics data have been published, released the 2015 national toll road statistics bulletin, the statistical bulletin shows that as of the end of 2015, the national toll road mileage of 164 thousand and 400 kilometers (excluding toll road, has been canceled among them, the same below), highway 117 thousand kilometers; the cumulative toll road construction investment amounted to 6 trillion and 948 billion 850 million yuan, the debt amounted to 4 trillion and 449 billion 370 million yuan; toll fee income is 409 billion 780 million yuan, the total expenditure of 728 billion 510 million yuan, 318 billion 730 million yuan toll income gap. Toll income are used where to go? According to the statistical bulletin shows that the toll road is still not received on the whole. In 2015 the national toll road toll revenues amounted to 409 billion 780 million yuan, compared with 2014, the toll road tolls total income net increase of 18 billion 180 million yuan, up 4.6%. National toll road total expenditure of 728 billion 510 million yuan. Compared with 2014, the national highway toll expenditure total net increase of 179 billion 800 million yuan, up 32.8%. The 2015 toll payments gap reached 318 billion 730 million yuan, compared with the first four years (2010-2014 toll payments gap were 32 billion 300 million yuan, 56 billion 600 million yuan, 66 billion 100 million yuan, 157 billion 110 million yuan), to further expand the income gap. So, where is the toll income? Why the 2015 toll income gap than in 2014 more than doubled? Said the deputy director of the Department of Transportation Highway Bureau Sun Yonghong told the people of Finance interview, spending nearly 8 is due for repayment of principal and interest, the remaining 2 for highway maintenance management, and ancillary facilities expansion and taxes and other expenses. In 2015 the national highway maintenance expenditure 50 billion 350 million yuan, highway affiliated facilities expansion project management expenditure 18 billion 820 million yuan, spending 52 billion 750 million yuan, 29 billion 650 million yuan of taxes and fees, other expenses 1 billion 950 million yuan (including the repayment of the parent company on behalf of the construction period of general contracting projects, project zhibaojin, bill printing fees, staff training and management fees), compared with 2014 did not change significantly, and the operation and management of 53 billion 400 million yuan expenditure decreased slightly compared to 2014. For the income gap than the previous year, more than doubled the problem, Sun Yonghong interpretation from two aspects: first, the construction of heavy tasks, debt growth, rapid growth in debt service spending. 2015 toll road service expenditure was 574 billion 980 million yuan, an increase of $420 billion 770 million compared to $154 billion 210 million in 2014, an increase of 26.8%. The toll road gross debt accumulated 4 trillion and 449 billion 370 million yuan, according to the 5 years of the loan interest rate of 6% calculations, the need to repay 267 billion yuan of interest, the repayment of nearly 300 billion yuan each year, together, only a year of debt service.相关的主题文章: