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Basically, you know: The permanent solution to your weight problem is not in the taking of diet drinks, pills and juices, not just because it does not really improve your quality of life and eating habits. Our nutrition programs are supported for all the people who buy healthy, for healthy weight and improve their diet and maintaining their ideal weight permanently want. We offer nutrition programs for different target groups. Age, gender, profession, etc. do not matter. In this way we can reduce rapidly losing weight and achieve a healthy weight loss Nutrition program for weight control This is our most Populated program. With the 3-phase principle: weight loss, stabilization and weight maintenance will ensure that you are a balanced, practical and enjoyable way to acquire and nutrition without dieting products, slimming pills or other artificial aids. Better eating habits are practiced to maintain the achieved goal weight permanently. Nutrition program during pregnancy Healthy diet and weight control for the mother and the growing child during pregnancy is important. With this program you can be sure that you eat balanced, healthy and stay fit during pregnancy and increase only as much as is medically recommended. In addition, you will lose weight quickly after giving birth to your original weight. Nutrition Program for Executives Be heavily involved, eat often abroad and still lose weight seems to be impossible. This practice-oriented nutrition program is specially tailored to your needs, so that losing weight is possible in your daily routine. By working with the balanced diet full of energy take place efficiently and improve your appearance in impressive fashion. This program is suitable for executives and other highly motivated people. Nutrition program during the menopause This diet program is the nutrition and weight control during menopause and during menopause. Your diet is matched to the change in hormone balance and supplemented with specific vitamins, trace elements and minerals and / or other natural resources. Weight loss and weight maintenance, and improved well-being is thus also feasible in the climacteric. Program on health care Do you (still) not a weight problem but they wanted to avoid possible future weight problems or illnesses because of family predisposition, you make the nutrition program for improvement of preventive diets. This allows not only the risk of becoming overweight, have diabetes, gout, of developing cardiovascular or digestive problems reduce to a great extent, but you will also benefit from more energy, less fatigue, more stable psyche and health. The diet is very balanced and practical compiled and checked by regular consultations and trained to the new eating habits are established. Nutrition programs for athletes Proper nutrition in sport is not just chemical sports drinks, protein bars and drinks, or a plate of spaghetti before the race. The personal power and resilience depend inter alia on whether the diet is composed sport justice. Not only during competition, but also during training, it is important to put on a sports-oriented nutritional value. We arrange tailored to different sports nutrition programs for better fitness, optimal performance and faster recovery. Vitalys Monika Steuri Braschlergasse 10 8610 Uster 044 940 61 19 Fax 044 940 61 20 About the Author: Welcome to Vitalys, the Swiss institution for weight reduction, diet and wellbeing with 9 offices in Switzerland. The permanent solution to your weight problem is not in the taking of diet drinks, pills and juices, not just because it does not really improve your quality of life and eating habits. Effective diet and nutrition tips to help all people, how they can lose weight in a healthy way. Vitalys, the Swiss Institute for weight loss and nutritional counseling. Be lean and efficient to realiz Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Fitness-Equipment 相关的主题文章: