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Mark heroes Union five anniversary celebration entertainment gaming entertainment Sohu – hidden master mark heroes Union five anniversary celebration scene hero alliance heroes Union five anniversary last night, in the League of the five anniversary celebration, the "strongest surface" Jay Chou led the mark, Chen He, Zhu Zhen, Lin update consists of Chinese star team, 5 South Korean the star team led by Kim Hee Chul. Although the Chinese star team lost to rivals, but Marco performance strength suck powder, many see the game live users exclaimed: "the road to fly, waves of life fight AIDS distressed him ah!" Love mark, auxiliary hit 666! Jay Chou has been playing the game without much introduction, but also a hidden mark in the entertainment gaming master, this time to participate in the League five anniversary celebration, he is also the first time with the South Korean star team in the league "hero" live debut. There is also the value of the face to fight the hand speed, and now will not play LOL actor can not be called male god. So, the question is, who is the most serious in the Chinese star team? The end of the game, despite the defeat, Chen is the most and mark Zandvoort, a windfall from the strength of ring powder, netizens said: Chen on the single and mark auxiliary limit distance control technology of the 666, I also have Aaron progress, Zhu Zhen Tate is a person or to grab the head on, Lin the update is back to pan Xia, this year also back a year, to ardourel! In fact, the mark is also a hidden in the entertainment gaming master, held in July this year, the IGL international E-sports competition finals in the spring of 2016, mark as a special guest cross-border participation, and the scene with the friends of the water war. The results of his choice of blind monk playing field and won, the strength should not be overlooked. Netizens express, effort and persistence will not be buried! Recently, Marco and Di Ali Gerba starred in the drama "hot blood youth bodyguard deformeter" is hit, but it seems to see him play LOL also attract attention, some netizens said: "as the game I blind because you catch a night" hero alliance ", even" spicy Metamorphosis "is to see. You have to see the game Master rave reviews, passers-by turn pink sound can be heard without end in the game or whether it is, in reality, talent and your character, your efforts and persistence are equally outstanding!" I am busy mark to fly, but in order to prepare for this "LOL Korea confrontation", still taking the time to practice technology. "I have the highest level is platinum, this comparison show the hero, like blind monk arthorn usually play more heroes." Marco is a self rating: "I think kill Qianmo may be more like a dead song, played very atmosphere, the temperament is also very domineering. My personal, it is certainly Izawa riel!"相关的主题文章: