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Health Are you needing to manifest something in your life right now? Meditations for manifesting can be quite helpful and effective. Not only does meditating calm our minds and help us clarify our thoughts and desires but meditating is a highly focused way of placing our order with the universe. New car? Coming right up. New job? No problem. Let me begin by reviewing the basics of meditation. You want to find a quiet, still place. Sit up tall with good posture and your feet flat on the groundsometimes people like to meditate in other positions and that is fine too. Close your eyes and begin taking in long, slow, deep breaths. As you breathe in and out, bring the air in through your nose as slowly as possible, then release it out through your mouth as slowly as possible. Focus only on your breathing. If any thoughts pop into your mind, ignore them and return to focusing on your breathing. A guided meditation is great for manifesting. In a guided meditation, you are guided by someone or something. For example, you may have a meditation CD you listen to with a voice that tells you what to think about and so on. A guided mediation may also involve using a special reading or script. You can either write your own meditation for manifesting what you need or take one from a book or the Internet. A sample guided mediation for manifesting may read like this: I call forth a new car as my focus. Nothing else matters in this moment right now. I see my new car. I feel my new car. I smell my new car. I allow my new car to slip inside a tiny seed that I am planting in my mind. In my mind, I water this seed. I feed it. I till the soil around it and cultivate it. Over time, the seed begins to grow. I fertilize the seed with my love and gratitude… Other meditation techniques for manifesting might include simply clearing your mind and, without any words, visualizing your desire (i.e. a new car). Visualize what it feels like to drive the car, what it looks like sitting in your driveway, how others look at you when you drive down the road in your new car, and so on. You might also try meditating with a mantra. Again, clear your mind then repeat a mantra related to your desire. For example, you might repeat, I am manifesting the perfect car into my life. I am manifesting the perfect car into my life. I am manifesting the perfect car into my life. You can also meditate in your traditional manner then follow it up by writing in your gratitude journal, taking a gratitude walk, or doing other law of attraction gratitude exercises related to your desired object of manifestation. Use the clear, focused mental state you achieve during meditation to make related activities more effective and pronounced. To learn more about the manifesting your dreams you can sign up for our 20-free Law of attraction videos at ..i-grasshopper../free-videos.php 相关的主题文章: