Nanjing, a number of new shopping malls before and after the opening of the people reflect

Nanjing, a number of new shopping malls before and after the opening of the   people reflect the pungent smell, formaldehyde exceeded? – Society – People’s original title: Nanjing, a number of new shopping malls before and after the opening of the public to reflect the smell of smell, formaldehyde exceeded? Hexi bin Runhui mall, exceed the standard of instrument display. In twenty-first Century, the Sun City Mall instrument showed normal. Jing Feng KINGMO shopping arcade instrument display exceeded. Recently, a number of shopping malls opened in Nanjing election on the eve of National Day holiday, but just after the construction is open, also let many public complaints about indoor air pungent. Reporters yesterday to Nanjing several store visits, while many businesses opened while still under construction, and in parts of Jiangning Hui Jing Feng KINGMO and Hexi bin run, handheld formaldehyde detector alarm reporters. The reporter learned from the environmental protection department, the determination of formaldehyde in a closed environment need more than one hour, but in the mall due to air circulation, general method of measurement is difficult to reach the standard of public authority, and indoor air quality supervision at present there is no mandatory requirement. Yangzi Evening news media reporter Intern Cai Na Song Nanfei to investigate the background of a number of shopping malls opened people reflect smell "I go to the newly opened yesterday in Jiangning Jing Feng KINGMO mall, from the parking lot to where there is a pungent smell thick." Yesterday, Chen told reporters reflect the public. Reporters learned that, before and after the national day of Nanjing opened a large commercial center up to 7, only in September 28th this day, including the above Feng Feng KINGMO mall, including the opening of the 5 announced. During the national day last year, the newly renovated Jiangning Golden Eagle had a dispute, an old man suspected of formaldehyde exceed the standard disease died, new shopping malls and air quality has attracted a lot of public concern. Yesterday, the Yangtze Evening News reporter on the Nanjing 3 new business center was visited, and carry a portable formaldehyde testing equipment for a test. 3 stores, two of the 3 locations caused by detector alarm A Jing Feng KINGMO mall Yangzi Evening News reporter first came to the newly opened Jiangning Jing Feng KINGMO mall in the underground garage can smell some unpleasant taste, but the formaldehyde detector alarm did not carry the reporter. When reporters came to Miss Chen expressed negative three leading to the negative layer channel, strong paint smell, the detection device is shown in red is 0.16mg per cubic metre exceed the standard value. Due to long time waiting for the elevator, is part of the customer choose to walk from here, all walked upstairs to cover your nose and mouth. Then the reporter at the mall a negative to negative three layers are respectively tested, instruments showed no abnormalities, in addition to the individual is the decoration of the merchants can smell bursts of odor B twenty-first Century Sun City, reporters came to the twenty-first Century Sun City is located in Jiangning, there have been 28 days this month opened, but there are also many shops still before the opening preparation. The reading in the shopping hall is 0.08mg per cubic meter, still in the normal range. C Plantronics Runhui commercial center in Hexi New Plantronics Runhui commercial center, two floor of a)相关的主题文章: