Novice look over! Eyes magnified three times the secrets are here (video)

Novice look over! Your eyes three times the secret here: Orange entertainment if you just started to learn make-up, the first problem encountered, certainly is to do a good makeup makeup, triple big eyes are not a problem, but also pay attention to the shape of the eye liner, eye shadow color collocation, although good collocation is especially beautiful, but these are too difficult for beginners. While the new babies generally demand for eye makeup is nothing more than to make them enlarge amplified again! So today you have a super orange suitable for novice eye makeup, just 4 simple steps, you can easily create a charming electric eye! Teach you how to draw cute silkworm daily makeup eyes magnified two times the first step is to use the full power of light Eyeshadow on above our eye on the eyelids, and use the makeup brush evenly. The second step with deep orange pink matte shadow on the eyelid folds at the end of the first third steps in the eyes of a tick on the pick of the line, and then a little bit along the lashes draw a final touch eyeliner, eye liner, and make it look like an inverted triangle. White Pearl pen with fourth steps along the liner draw a ~ and then our eyes eye makeup is finished! The last sentence will not draw the eye liner of the children to practice more Oh ~!相关的主题文章: