Older young women in the National Day Golden Week – Beijing-shuyue

Older young women in the National Day Golden Week – Beijing, Beijing, October 7 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Zhong Sheng) since it is the National Day "Golden Week" holiday in seven days, "a rare window period, many older young women was not happy. "Every festival is blind", "every festival is a friends Qi battle siege", facing with the "forced" offensive, they go out or "escape", or "stick" in different positions, "one way to spend the National Day Golden week". In September 30th, as the press editor Miss Wei in Nanjing in the circle of friends drying out of a group of photos in Phnom Penh, to stare at the clock for holiday friends envy. A good friend "is a routine but golden week trip blind escape ah, Miss Wei happy to return to" how do you know so much about me?" Xi’an during the New Year holiday, National Day holiday tour Kampuchea. Every golden week holiday Miss Wei will be the family quickly find an object, the instructions left behind, go out to play a. "Young people should go out more," the world is so big. ". A man said to go, more comfortable." On October 1st, a strong miss, intermediary companies in the study in reading a paper entitled "my motherland mother’s birthday in overtime, it’s not because of the poor! "In the article. It is too difficult to buy a ticket home, while the ‘golden week’ earn more ‘gold’ is the last word, Miss strong admits. Sea drift for nearly 6 years, although has settled in Shanghai, but still in the area of a strong miss in a room of 40 square meters. The 7 day of the holiday she had a total of 5 days to work overtime, aunt good arrangements for the blind date to "overtime" on the grounds of the push off. The face of dissatisfaction with the elders, Miss Qiang jokingly said: "now people are busy buying a house in Shanghai, I can not afford to buy the house, anxious to find what the object ah." (end)相关的主题文章: