Overseas Chinese professionals home business workshops held in Wuxi – Beijing ca1290

Overseas Chinese professionals home business workshops held in Wuxi – Beijing, Beijing, September 24 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Sun Quan) the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office twenty-seventh overseas Chinese professionals home business workshops in Jiangsu, Wuxi opening 24. The seminar is sponsored by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs, overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province, Wuxi municipal government and other contractors, to implement the State Council Qiaoban "Wanqiao innovation action", "overseas talent to serve the country" plan, promotion of national and local talent introduction of supporting policies and innovation environment, enhance the innovation ability of overseas Chinese professionals and quality. In today’s seminar opening ceremony, deputy director of the State Council Office of Wang Xiaoping in his speech on the majority of overseas Chinese to actively participate in the progenitor (membership) in economic construction and scientific and technological innovation in the affirmative. She pointed out that the CPC Central Committee and State Council attaches great importance to overseas talent to return to innovation and entrepreneurship, governments at all levels, departments in accordance with the requirements of the deepening of reform, and strive to create a good innovation and entrepreneurship policies and environment. Overseas Chinese Affairs Office around the service innovation driven development strategy, launched the "million overseas Chinese innovation action", by creating overseas dream garden overseas Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship gathering area, cohesion returned to a successful business overseas Chinese professionals set up Chinese chamber of Commerce Science and Technology Innovation Committee and other initiatives, and further stimulate the vitality of overseas Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship, promote overseas Chinese the business and Technology Collaborative innovation. She hoped that the majority of overseas Chinese professionals should be full of confidence, correct understanding and determination to Chinese steady economic confidence; National Science and technology research and development efforts direction, key support areas and relevant policies, seize the opportunity, mutual benefit and win-win. On the construction of Wuxi "overseas Chinese" development pattern, strengthen the promotion of investment, guide the overseas overseas Chinese Talents Innovation Service Transformation and upgrading of industry practices and fully affirmed. It is understood that the overseas Chinese professionals home business workshops is one of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of overseas Chinese talent recruitment brand activities. Since the inception of the activities, the talents in evangelizing the national and local economic and social development and the policy, to help students familiar with the study around innovation and entrepreneurial environment, to find a suitable partner, to enhancing the development of confidence and determination, have played a positive role, with extensive influence in overseas overseas Chinese and overseas students. "By the Wuxi overseas Chinese affairs actively, twenty-seventh workshops held in Wuxi." Wuxi overseas Chinese Affairs Office staff, Jiangsu Province as one of the key city of overseas Chinese Affairs in recent years, Wuxi vigorously implement the "overseas" strategy, has established friendly relations with more than and 160 overseas Chinese associations in 39 countries and regions, the establishment of overseas liaison office in 42, and successfully created the state Council Overseas Chinese affairs office key contact unit 2 engineering investment home, the community star overseas Chinese community, demonstration unit, overseas law publicity angle 23. In addition, the Wuxi Municipal Overseas Chinese Affairs Office also hosted the overseas Chinese Friendship meeting Jiangsu, overseas Chinese overseas Chinese talents such as Jiangsu Sheqiao activities more than and 160 sessions, attracting a large number of overseas overseas Chinese talents to Wuxi innovation and entrepreneurship. It is reported that this seminar invited a total of more than 60 countries and regions from the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan and other countries.相关的主题文章: