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Wuhan catering enterprises own "summer vacation" — the food channel — original title: Wuhan catering enterprises own dog days of summer vacation in Wuhan has always been the catering industry in the off-season, some restaurants would go out of business for some time in this season. Perhaps because the day is particularly hot, hot and particularly long time, three temporarily closed restaurant in particular. According to the Wuhan Food Association incomplete statistics, this year due to high temperature temporary business establishments of not less than 1000. Insiders explained that this year in addition to the catering industry closed and continuous high temperature in summer, and early rain, many city closed construction related. Hot day customers are too lazy to go out to the restaurant owner to shut down because of the development of electricity supplier and the reasons for the hot weather, this summer dining takeaway unusually hot. But for tens of thousands of food and beverage institutions in Wuhan, the business platform can be easily applied to do business, restaurants, restaurants or a few. In the face of this fiery summer, some restaurants not only significantly reduced passenger traffic, per capita consumption is also due to the impact of the heat of the day and shrink half. The day before, the reporter saw the restaurant during the day a call every day in the two street delicacy of democracy is to pull down the gate, gate pasted on a piece of paper, write "hot weather to rest". According to the surrounding merchants, this restaurant has been closed for some time. Business dishes, rice, Vegetable Bowl fast food, customers in the surrounding businesses and workers. Because of the hot weather, customers are reluctant to go out to dinner, the store also does not have enough manpower room door, then closed the summer home. The weather is too hot, the club to rest if some restaurants out of business because of the off-season business is not good, then the "Jin Yan beef powder king" business is purely because the boss want to summer. This home is located in the Hankou Cedar Road shop is quite famous in Wuhan chowhound circle, business has been good. However, in a week in August this year, the hottest, some admiring diners eat cold-shoulder treatment. Close to the door of a piece of paper, said: "the weather is too hot, the owner to rest, see you next week." Home flooded, and some restaurants closed to rescue the boss home because of the heavy rain, causing the owner home flooded, shop closed altogether to return home to their summer vacation. Back home after the renovation of the house, and so the weather turned cold and then come back to open the door. The day before, the reporter contacted the city a farm restaurant owner Mr. Yang, he is a rest home in Guangshui. Mr. Yang said he and his wife run restaurant, July under heavy rain, his store into the water, although the loss is not big, but also can not open the door a few days. The home of Guangshui also under a heavy rain, the home to the phone said there was half a meter flooded home, furniture are soaked in the water. See more and more light business, he and his wife together, or closed home house repair, and ready to spend time at home. Due to the construction of temporary closure in home flooding closed, there is a class is closed due to construction of businesses. Yesterday afternoon, the old Chen beef noodle shop on the street at noon victory business peak has passed, the rest of a chair lying outside the shop owner Chen Shengli. After the old Chen beef noodle restaurants are due to road construction business is not good, temporarily out of business. Starting in August 11th.相关的主题文章: