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People’s Daily: how can there be no accumulation of literacy – View – past have called themselves low cultural literacy, that is because illiterate or semi literate, now it was anxiety of their culture, I am afraid and illiteracy doesn’t matter much, quality problems today, probably mostly due to the lack of moral culture. Culture, that should be the cultural taste, discrimination, or thinking, rather than those of professional knowledge, professional and technical Dexin but should perhaps, and no culture may. From culture, the rich reading accumulation, appreciate the accumulation, when the cultural essence from ancient to modern times to settle down, hidden in the heart, stored in the brain, eventually can rise HUAWEI life force. However, today’s online reading is difficult to make people accumulate. The face of massive information constantly updated every day, look at the title to become the people’s reading habits, reading content seems to be a minor, a sensational title, in addition to loud, which come up to what the accumulation, leaving a pile of gossip. Reading through the new media, of course, can not say bad, every day, such as the tide forwarded WeChat there are a lot of articles, but also a very good article. But you will find that on the characteristics of new media reading is swept away and skimming over the surface, what is left? These works, no matter how good, it may become worthy of the name of the like floating smoke and passing clouds. Therefore, the fast reading of the Internet era, its fatal weakness is the lack of accumulation. Accumulation also need to speculate, there is no speculative reading and appreciation can not be sublimated to literacy. Can network the flood is easily lying, lack most is deep reading, after thinking aloud after. In the past in the face of an article, a book, a sound program, all carefully, lest wrong will lead to other people’s ridicule, if flawed, will be refuted, readers will choose between rebuttal. Today, did not see the original, do not read, or only a small part of the scanning to sound, is filled in the new media culture, the thread is mostly mixed into the outlet make irresponsible remarks, emotional. Because the sound is too convenient, neither to be responsible, nor need to bear honor and disgrace, so that the sound has long let thinking away from reading. In the past, we always say how much per capita reading is not high, in fact, it depends on what to read. Now every day is not sitting in front of the computer, is crooked in her seat, people, not every hour and moment in reading, reading a large amount, would be far more than the past a widely-read, but this may not necessarily bring reading literacy, bring loss or arbitrary might be frivolous. For every day like hunger and thirst to new information, see the title quickly, do not see the content is eager to speak, in the course of time, developed a habit, he completely lost the ability of accumulation, all the information on their own are not accumulated in transit, more precipitation does not go down. After the lack of accumulation, of course, the human brain is gently fluttering, thinking no details, literacy is also impossible to talk about. Despite the lack of a lot of people have been increasingly anxious their cultural literacy, but in front of the network, many people only to be coerced out, and can not extricate themselves trapped. )相关的主题文章: