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Home-Improvement Pest Control refers to the development of certain measures to get rid of pests, normally because these species are detrimental to our health, the environment we live in and even our economy. Pest Control is as old as agriculture per se. Humans have tried to survive and control those potentially harmful pests that usually destroy their seasonal crops. In fact, for humans to maximize food production and feed their families it is advantageous to take control of such phenomenon and place pests back to where they belong. Conventional approach For farmers, the traditional way is to remove weeds, burn them or just plow them underneath so that their decaying bodies can be used as soil fertilizers. Other traditional means are crop rotation, mixed cropping and selective breeding. Home owners, on the other hand, are the ones who find it most difficult to get rid of pests and that is why there are many tools available on the market, including pesticides and other products. Some of the most .mon options that humans use to protect their homes are setting up traps with poisoned baits especially for rodents, putting a cover to water bins and garbage cans to eliminate breeding grounds of mosquitoes, and in some areas, burning dried leaves and letting the smoke get into the house, believing that it will dry every mosquito and bug away. Well, thats not always true. Chemical pesticides The use of chemical agents to exterminate pests and bugs can be dated back 4,500 years. Sulfur .pounds have been used by Sumerians before. With industrialization and modernization .bined, researchers have discovered chemicals that can kill and poison pests immediately. However, the problem was that such chemical pesticides were limitedly used because they were known to be quite harmful to humans. Fortunately these days, manufacturers has innovated several environment-friendly chemical pesticides. Electronic pest control If you want to get rid of those roaches, mosquitoes and pests without the hassle of spraying and placing traps, the so-called electronic pest control is for you. You can just install it in areas where rodents, insects and bugs are more likely to establish their nests. This method uses electro-magnetic and ultrasonic rays to deter mice, roaches and some insects. There are also electronic mouse and rat killers. Automatic insect and bug spray These sprays are installed in pest infected areas. They are programmed to emit insecticides in very small amounts during night time when bugs are out hunting for food. Of course it is highly convenient and advantageous to know that even at nights you are safeguarded from being harmed by pests. Pest control is remarkably important in keeping you and your familys well-being. It gives you .fort and makes your house look clean and safe; thus, in a sense, allows friends and visitors to give you a surprise visit. Pest control gives you the opportunity to live in a clean environment and to be assured of not catching an illness that may even lead to sudden death. With the options currently available on the market you can exterminate those unwanted pests for good, and live in a pest-free society. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: