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Qianjiang Evening News: "wonderful company governance" should use a heavy – View – people.com.cn original title: "the wonderful company" governance should strike on Friday, Hui ball technology has become a hot word in capital market. The company was forced to suspend does not say, but also by the China Securities Regulatory Commission investigation. SSE notification more stringent requirements on Hui ball technology of illegal information disclosure problems rectification before September 9th, otherwise the company’s shares will be implemented into the ST processing, transaction risk warning board. What Hui ball technology made what regulators so angry? Originally, the company in the disclosure of information chaos, the SSE has long been eyeing the requirements of the company issued a notice before the SSE audit. Recently, the company will be a notice submitted for review, put forward relevant amendments of SSE, the results of the company did not modify, without modification of the original announcement actually appeared in the stock it. This becomes a major information disclosure has not yet been disclosed, the problem is big. Not only that, when the SSE and chairman of the company trying to contact the other party has disappeared, the phone, and the Secretary of the board of directors, the securities affairs representative does not have the qualifications, which means that the company is out of control, unable to effectively monitor. In this case, the regulatory authorities, of course, only require the company to suspend the rectification, if not rectification in place, do not rule out to send it on the road (delisting). A similar letter Phi chaos, is a rule of the rule. In particular the Commission proposed supervision according to law, strict supervision and comprehensive supervision in the background, if the listed company and how to stop, and promote the supervision work? The company has put chaos on the letter, the one hand is the confusion of corporate governance, as only a "shell". According to the Yangcheng Evening News and other reports, Hui ball technology since 2007, at least 6 times failed to restructure the failure of the 9 increase, the existence of the company’s equity dispersion, no actual control, or even no main business and other issues. On the other hand, it may also be that the company is lucky, that does not fulfill the obligation of information disclosure will not be how. This is the most probably it did not actually happen or "laohuangli.". Domestic listed companies in the past, there are problems in the disclosure of information, indeed more than one. Only a short while ago, the domestic capital market appeared many "wonderful announcement", has become a center of the jokes. For example, a listed company in 2013 announcement, for every 1000 shares held by shareholders issued a box of black sesame milk products; another pharmaceutical company will notice to shareholders free their new products of condoms, cold medicine and aids rapid testing reagent three. Again, in 2014 Bo Yuan investment in the annual report said, can not guarantee the content of the annual report is true, accurate, complete". A beer company has announced that its performance decline because of "severe punishment for drunk driving". Of these wonderful announcement, some investors may laugh. In fact, this will inevitably hurt the seriousness of the information disclosure system, authenticity. Information disclosure is an important window for the communication between listed companies and investors, and also an important channel for investors to accept supervision相关的主题文章: