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Loans Buying a house via home loan has be.e a significant phenomenon today. It is not only a wise step to buy property on finance, but also enables you to manage your additional expenses as well. With some deal of research, you can get easy access to lucrative loan plans with better interest rates and easy repayment options. However, lack of awareness on home loan and its application procedure, can make you .mit serious mistakes. Needless to say, this would jeopardize all chances of getting the loan application approved. The amount of money which is provided in the name of home loan is huge. Therefore, banks and other financial institutions cross check a number of details, before granting that amount to you. It is therefore necessary to find out all the details about home loan application procedure. If your home loan application has been turned down by the bank, and you are considering to re-apply, ask yourself the following questions: Do I have a clean credit history? Banks provide home loans that are secured, which means that there is no need to show any collateral or security. Therefore, banks and other financial institutions need to be sure that you are reliable. If you have too many debts and credit dues to your name, you will seem to be unreliable to the lenders. This will affect their decision to grant you home loan. Therefore, first make sure that your credit rating is clean. If the report is showing some errors, contact Credit Bureau and rectify the same. Do I have all the documents required? Home loan involves a great deal of documentation and paper work. Get the exact information from the bank regarding documents like identity proof, employment proof etc., and make sure you have them in order. This will also prevent unnecessary chaos, at the time of submission of documents to the bank. Do I .e across as a job hopper? Unstable employment is not a very un.mon trend these days. So, it is quite possible that you have switched jobs frequently. However, make sure that this does not reflect in your application. If there is no way to hide this fact, it would be wise to wait for a couple of years and then apply for home loan. Banks ask for an experience of minimum two years in your current organization. This assures them that you have a steady flow of in.e. Do I have enough money to make down payment? Repaying home loan through EMI surely reduces a lot of financial stress. However, you still need a lump sum amount of money to make the down payment, at the time of applying. So, take stock of your finances and see if you can afford to make the minimum down payment. Can I be prepared in advance? Using home loan calculators or mortgage calculators is very helpful to be prepared in advance. You get a fair idea of the total amount of money which you will be spending. You also get to calculate the monthly amount for EMI. This helps you to plan finances better. Have I done my home work? Being well aware of the most beneficial home loan plans, with good interest rates always helps. Also, choose a lender that provides easy repayment options and has prepayment facility as well. In this way, you can clear off the loan before the tenor. Research the market thoroughly and talk to the concerned people, before zeroing down on any plan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: