Russia will test the latest S500 missile before the end of the year, which can intercept the target -rainlendar

Russia will test before the end of the latest S500 missiles can be released stopped 600 kilometers outside the target in 2014 Moscow air show S-500 air defense missile system side view according to the Russian "military messenger" website reported on February 3rd, the Russian Diamond – Aetna company will be completed in 2016 in the original S-500 type of manufacturing, testing and pre start. Victor Murakhovskiy, member of the expert group of the Russian military industry commission, said that the S-500 air defense system will be delivered in 2020 after the completion of the state test. Mulla Hofs Ki said, as a new generation of air defense missile system, S-500 can carry out air defense, Anti Ballistic Missile and near space defense. It is reported that diamond Antai company began the research and development of S-500 "Prometheus" in 2010. S-500 is capable of midcourse anti missile, anti satellite and other missions, and can intercept the maximum speed of 5 Maher spacecraft. According to "military messenger" reported that S-500 Anti Ballistic Missile Radar is X band active phased array radar, detection distance of 850 kilometers, interception distance of 600 kilometers, stealth targets have good detection and strike ability. Reported that in 2014, Russia has carried out a test firing of S-500. Military observers said that from the introduction of Russia, S-500 is similar to the U.S. "Sade" midcourse anti missile system, and has the ability to air defense, to replace the fixed A-135 antimissile system and S-400 "triumph" air defense missile system. What is puzzling, however, is that Russia often compares it to the Patriot -3 missile. Because Russia’s S-500 performance data is very confidential, and even the test before the screen did not flow out, so the real performance of S-500 still wait until its formal exposure to confirm.

俄将在年底前测试最新S500导弹 可拦600公里外目标 2014年莫斯科航展上公布的S-500防空导弹系统侧视图   据俄罗斯《军工信使》网站2月3日报道,俄罗斯“金刚石-安泰”公司将于2016年内完成S-500的原型制造,并开始预先测试。俄罗斯军事工业委员会专家组成员维克多・穆拉霍夫斯基表示,S-500防空系统在完成状态测试之后,将在2020年交付。   穆拉霍夫斯基称,S-500作为一款新一代的防空导弹系统,能够进行防空、反弹道导弹和临近空间防御。   据报道,“金刚石-安泰”公司于2010年开始了对S-500“普罗米修斯”的研制工作。S-500能够胜任中段反导、反卫星等任务,可以拦截最大速度为5马赫的太空飞行器。   据《军工信使》报道称, S-500的反弹道导弹雷达为X波段有源相控阵雷达,探测距离可达850公里,拦截距离为600公里,对隐形目标有良好的探测和打击能力。   报道称,2014年,俄罗斯已经进行过S-500的一次试射。   军事观察员表示,从俄罗斯方面的介绍来看,S-500是一款类似美国“萨德”的中段反导系统,兼具备防空能力,用以替代固定式的A-135反导系统和S-400“凯旋”防空导弹系统。不过令人不解的是,俄罗斯方面经常将其于“爱国者-3”导弹相比。由于俄罗斯方面对S-500的性能数据极为保密,连之前试射的画面也未流出,因此S-500的真实性能仍然要等到其正式曝光后才能确认。相关的主题文章: