Samsung said the global 26 fake Note7 spontaneous events not Chinese Report

Samsung said the global 26 fake Note7 spontaneous events is not China Samsung said the global report received 26 false Note7 spontaneous events Times News (reporter Gu Xiaoyu) JINGWAH Samsung Note7 mobile phone have reported spontaneous combustion in many countries in the world, but there are also some problems in the report. According to Samsung published, from 15 countries in 26 cases suspected of false existence of spontaneous combustion, but does not include China case. According to Samsung official disclosure, the 26 reported cases, 12 cases did not detect any problems with mobile phone, 7 cases were unable to contact with the user, in addition to the 7 consumer revoked the accident report, this one from the United States 9, South Korea 3, France 2, UK, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Turkey and other 12 countries by 1. However, these 26 spontaneous combustion events, and did not include China’s report. Samsung side said, because the Chinese market sales of Note7 with no problem battery, there is no spontaneous combustion hazards. However, up to now, there are two mainland, Hongkong Note7 Spontaneous Combustion Accident exposed. According to the survey results released by Samsung, the mainland’s first spontaneous combustion accident Spontaneous Combustion Accident and Hongkong, are due to the external heat source, has nothing to do with the mobile phone itself; and the mainland second accident, there is no conclusion. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: