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Obesity San Diego Lap Band Blog- Episode 2 Thoughts of the day… Hi, I’m Sandi. I’m pretty winded right now- you know why? Because I had to park my car 20 feet away from where I wanted to park my car. 20 FEET! And then I had to run those 20 feet to my car and back, and it winded me. Pretty sad, hunh? So that’s why I want to get a lap band. Today I figured that I would talk to you a little about some of the things that I’ve been learning online, and also some of the conversations that I’ve been having. I have this friend who is this little itsy bitsy tiny organic yoga- head- maybe all of 90 pounds. Anyway, I was telling her about this blog and she said that she wouldn’t "like" my page because she doesn’t support the idea and doesn’t believe in using surgery as a weight loss method. She thinks that I should just spend some time with her and learn how to eat properly, and that would solve all my problems. Well… maybe, the thing is this, technically, I know how to eat properly. I’ve done soo many diets, taken so many courses, done so many nutrition classes, that I know the rules. The problem is following them. Which is why I’m thinking that the lap band might be the right answer for me. I’m hoping that having that "crutch" will allow me not only to lose the weight- which I’ve done in the past, but also to keep it off! Yeah, I realize that I’m going to have to make a total lifestyle change, and that I’m going to have to completely relearn how to eat, eat less, and make the food that I eat more nutrient dense and eat way less junk. I know this, but somehow, on all the other diets that I’ve tried, I only have the willpower to stay on it a few months, then it sets off a crazy binge disorder. And for me, what goes in stays in- I’ve only ever developed binge disorders, never binge and purge… so I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I’ve been on so many other programs, and the conclusion that I keep coming to is that yes, this probably is the right answer for me. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about some of the stuff that I’ve been learning online. So basically the lapband is like this kind of balloon that they put over the top of the opening to your stomach, and it restricts how much food can get into your stomach. You can still drink a lot, but you can’t eat that much in one sitting- only about 2 ounces. I think that I can do that. I mean, I think that if I get full like after 12 bites, then I’m going to be conscious of what I eat, and try to make those bites count. Especially once I get used to it. Anyways, in the next episode I’ll try to talk more about the science and the pre-op qualifications and all that. This time I wanted to tell you about some of the comments I’ve been getting from my friends and my reaction to it. I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Please come by my blog, ..sandiegolapbandblog.. , there’s a forum there, you can .ment on the posts. I’d love to hear what you’re going through, whether you have a lap band, or have lost weight with an alternate method, .e on by and share your insight and inspiring story. I’d love to join you and support you on your journey as much as I’d love for you to join me on mine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: