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Sina sports news review September 23rd 23 sina sports news in September 23rd 23 when sina sports news review: Super – Kaerdeke head broken stiff 1-1 Lifan 2016 buffalo savior Chinese Super League season twenty-sixth first round match, Hebei Huaxia happiness home court 1-1 draw with Chongqing Lifan, six consecutive rounds extremely, the qualification for early AFC Champions League left behind. Seventeenth minutes, Fernando broke the 3 defensive pass, Wang Dong shot far outside the box beam. The breakthrough came in sixty-fifth minutes, Fernando header, Kardec. Seventy-sixth minutes, Alois Theo manufacturing penalty, he personally kick overnight. The Mourinho on detonation media: a group of Einstein on I give you to eat in the pre match press conference and Leicester City, Mourinho made a comeback in the face of sharp criticism of the media: "I will not because of anything angry, only let me uncomfortable is for those who criticize my players. Einstein needs money to live, they can’t teach, but they can talk about other people’s jobs. I am a good person, so why not give Einstein a bite to eat?" The first CBA basketball team in Guangzhou was born! The Foshan men’s basketball team moved to Guangzhou City and Guangzhou securities dralions Title cooperation signing ceremony held in Guangzhou, Foshan dragon and lion basketball team was officially renamed Guangzhou stock men’s basketball team, which marks the birth of the first CBA basketball team in the history of Guangzhou. The team currently has 18 registered players, 15 domestic players, foreign players in 3, with an average height of 1.98 meters, the team coach from around the league in Europe for many years as the Italian Major. The Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament Ding Junhui 5-3 Holt four years into the semi-finals in 2016 three of the Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament for the championship quarter finals. In a focus of the war, Ding Junhui and Holt played extremely fierce. Eventually, Ding Junhui with a 5-3 win over Holt into the semi-finals, Ding Junhui this is the third time in four years in the Shanghai masters. Fu Yuanhui refused to tens of millions of commercial endorsements and calm response: after the Olympic Games is not short of money, Fu Yuanhui red on the face the temptation to also have their own troubles, the most important for her is to match. Recently, a number of businesses to find Fu Yuanhui, or endorsement of or to attend the activities, the reality show is too busy to attend to all. Some businesses even out of ten million endorsement fee, in the face of all kinds of temptations, Fu Yuanhui calm and said, I do not lack money".相关的主题文章: