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Software It isn’t the biggest, but there are some .pelling reasons why businesses will want to look at Google+ as their social media marketing platform. One reason to switch… With 100 million users, .pared to Facebook’s 800 million, Google+ hasn’t yet achieved the following to place it at number one. For publishers though, those numbers don’t necessarily matter, and here’s why – search rankings. After all, that’s what Google does best, and that could be enough to draw publishers to the social media site. If you aren’t a member of Google+, you don’t get promoted in the new box on Google search pages. Another… Google also has a number of goodies in their bag besides their search engine that make moving to Google+ more attractive for social media marketing. If you’re already on Gmail, Google Docs, or some other Google service, it simply makes sense to keep it in the family. Why Google+ is so good Infographic Labs created a list of 20 reasons to switch to Google+ and most of them seem quite .pelling. From better photo tagging and gallery implementation to easier to enable privacy settings and single post muting, Google+ stacks up to be some worthy .petition to Facebook. Some of the other pertinent advantages include: Better for Business: aids in visibility and search. Easier profile set-up: especially if you’re already using other Google services. Better mobile App: loads quickly and is well designed. More targeted ads. Data Liberation provides ability to leave anytime with all of your stuff. One more thing a member of the Google ‘family’ just got even better. The replacement of Google Places with Google+ Local is bolstered by the integration of Zagat reviews. The integration of a circles filter finds reviews and re.mendations from family, friends, and colleagues. The importance of including local search and reviews with social media shouldn’t be lost on any business. Zagat’s reputation and updated scoring system could prove to be a valued ally. The Google+ places can be found on the left side of the Google+ home page. So while it may not have as many users – yet, Google+ certainly is poised to bring in new followers wanting to take advantage of some of the differences between it, and Facebook. If you’re looking to improve your businesses social media marketing strategy, this plus, is certainly a positive. Are you on Google+? If so, we’d love to hear how it is working for you. If you’d like to establish a stronger social media presence, contact our social media marketing consultants now and we can help you determine the best strategy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: