Song Zhongping the new Sino Russian relations between trying to take advantage of the Yalta agreemen

Song Zhongping: the moment that new Yalta agreement of Sino Russian relations between the media proposed to consider establishing a new order by China and Russia at Yalta, to manage the world political order. Mr. Song Zhongping said that Russia in the economy and do not have the ability to manage the world, the reason for this proposal, perhaps hoping to befriend the United States and Russia, relations with Russia China challenge. Phoenix December 1st "news talk", the following is the text: Song Zhongping: from the Cold War Soviet political group, two military group hegemony, in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union, has become a super power, it is the United States as the world’s policeman, on behalf of the birth of a new world pattern. Then the time has passed more than 20 years, things seem to have changed. So you see whether it is the former Secretary of state Kissinger, including Brzezinski, is a former national security assistant are put forward by China and Russia is not able to consider the establishment of a new order of the world to Yalta, then the political order of a so-called this kind of management and governance. But in reality it is very difficult, and I think it’s like the Russian media, including what is the essence of American politicians proposed this new Yalta protocol called? It is hoped that the United States, especially after Trump took office, trying to befriend with Russia, even in some way to alienate the relationship between China and russia. Like Putin after taking office, he began to talk with Yeltsin is the same, hope to be able to move towards the West’s arms, even it can regard themselves as is a member of the west, but due to either Clinton or George W. Bush or Obama or, basically to Russia is not a cold, think you are giving up despite the socialist system but, you are still a non democratic country, how can you join the capitalist camp, how can you join my so-called democracy camp, so he basically is to abandon in Russia has been. But from Putin’s point of view, why does he think I can’t join you now? Is that my strength is not enough, so he constantly strengthen their variety, especially the comprehensive ability, enhance the overall national strength also help Russia to strengthen themselves in the international community on the right to speak. But why do I think that the whole international community can not be led by China, Russia and the United States? First of all, the two countries in the United States can dominate this society? At that time, American politicians have proposed, especially in the age of Obama out, said the world should be the two countries, is no longer what G7, G8, G20, they are not, should be G2, is a Sino US co management, we had rejected their request, why? We can’t go on, we don’t have that much energy, and we can’t go to America to be the world’s second. This so-called G3 now is not G2? From the Russian point of view, does he have the ability to manage the order of the world? Without this ability. Russia’s local area is really large, 17 million square;相关的主题文章: