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TCL became a IFA star, the rise of a new global innovation leader – Sohu technology in September 2, 2016, in Berlin, Germany, 2016IFA grand opening of the world’s major consumer electronics companies gathered. TCL IFA exhibition group, to become the most dazzling star of innovation, not only become the only one won the "2016 IFA product innovation award" two awards of the brand. At the same time, the exhibition of all kinds of electronic products, which embodies the sense of fashion, science and technology has also won the praise of the site visitors. TCL, IFA on the shining star of innovation in recent years, TCL group in the IFA exhibition award-winning innovation award. In this year’s "IFA product innovation award" award, the TCL group has become the most dazzling star of global giants, the QUHD quantum dot TV Q65X1S-CUD TV, free and open up a new category of washing sewage pollution free washing machine "XQM85-9005BS" harvest "of quantum dots and gold the" clean technology award two awards, becoming the only double innovation. In the area of 1854 square meters of the TCL exhibition, lively and extraordinary, "QUHD quantum dots" TV, intelligent mobile phone, tablet, mobile VR devices and other types of products, is the most representative of the delay before the technology, attracted a large number of visitors stop. Adhere to the guidance of technical innovation, achievement of rapid development of the TCL group was founded in 1981, is on behalf of enterprises leading innovation and development in the field of consumer electronics, is the founder of a number of China first created. For example, Chinese first hands-free phones type, the first 28 inch color TV, the first diamond, the first mobile phone Internet TV, the first quantum dot tv. With the rise of the Internet, the world’s leading achievements made in China Internet applications and services, it also brings the opportunity for Chinese manufacturing breakthrough, TCL group has become the industry leader, first launched the enterprise reform. TCL has a world-class vertical industrial chain integration capabilities, including black and white, communications, whole industry system’s R & D and production capacity, and has a control panel, chip and other upstream core technologies, its subsidiary Huaxing Electric has become one of the world’s leading supplier of liquid crystal panel. Huaxing Power still in the information, intelligent industrial upgrading industry, basic industry standard 4. With the help of a strong industrial base, TCL group in 2014, with the industrial structure to establish a "smart + Internet", and construct "product + Internet" business model, forming a "double + transformation and upgrading strategy, to high-quality products and intelligent Internet application services, open up new areas of the market, the successful implementation of turn from product management to business user centric business model. TCL group this innovative strategy, to build China’s wisdom + Internet industry innovation to create a direction to become a model to build the Internet ecosystem. It is understood that, as of the end of 2015, TCL group has applied for a total of 18813 patents, including invention相关的主题文章: