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Internet-Marketing I have an article marketing tip for you but first, thank you for taking the time to read this article. I know how overwhelming the numerous "tips and techniques" you can find online can be. You’re probably wondering why you’re failing at article marketing or are looking for guidelines to get started. I’ll give you just one article marketing tip because it’s the one that matters the most and also because you got to keep your marketing efforts simple and clear. My article marketing tip is the following: * Be true * Write as if you were writing an email to a friend * Make it fun to read Do you read 3 tips here? No, it’s just one article marketing tip expressed in different ways, really. (ok, we could debate on that…) All I want to say is don’t stare at a blank page. Carry a notebook around with you in case inspiration strikes you in the subway. Write like you talk. You don’t need a pattern. You don’t need to be formal. You don’t need to be overly serious. You just need to write quality content. Between the lines of this article marketing tip, you have to understand that the more quality content you write, the more your readers will be willing to click on your link at the bottom of your article, to know more about what you re.mend. It’s logical. It’s simple. Don’t put pressure on you. Enjoy it! Keep your writing true, personal, of high quality, fun. Yes, even if you take internet marketing seriously, and I know you are. Serious doesn’t mean boring. You know, I’m French and we can be pretty boring when it .es to business, believe me! But it doesn’t have to be that way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: