The completion of South Korean naval base in Jeju can be parked at the same time 20 combat ships-jinshen

The Korean naval base in Jeju is completed and 20 naval vessels can be moored at the same time. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Sydney said that the Korean government would develop the Jeju naval base into a world-class military and civilian port in the United States, Hawaii and australia. Korean Navy held the completion ceremony of Jeju naval base in 26 days in Jeju Island, southern Seogwipo. Prime Minister Huang said that the new base will play a major role in safeguarding South Korea’s maritime security and maritime sovereignty, and will enable the navy to respond forcefully to possible North Korean provocations. Jeju naval base is located in West to Pujiang Ting Village, costing more than 1 trillion won (about 806 million U.S. dollars), the project lasted ten years. Huang Ann said at the ceremony, at the junction of the base is located in the western waters, Han Guodong, the naval forces deployed here will be able to more effectively deal with North Korea’s "maritime threat", once something happens, can quickly go to the eastern or western waters. At the same time, the new base is a dual-use dual-use sightseeing port, which can berth 20 combat vessels and two 150 thousand ton cruise ships at the same time. It makes up for the shortcomings of Jeju Island port in northern Jeju which can not dock more than 80 thousand tons of cruise ships, and is conducive to promoting the local tourism industry. Yonhap reported that after the completion of the cruise terminal in the second half of next year, it is estimated that by 2020, millions of tourists will travel to Jeju Island by cruise. Huang said Ann, the South Korean government will make the development of the Jeju naval base in Hawaii for the United States, Australia Sydney port as a world-class dual-use. (Hu Ruoyu)

韩国济州海军基地竣工 可同时停泊20艘作战舰艇 国务总理黄教安说,韩国政府将使济州海军基地发展为美国夏威夷、澳大利亚悉尼那样的世界级军民两用港。   韩国海军26日在济州岛南部西归浦市举行济州海军基地竣工仪式。国务总理黄教安说,新基地将为保卫韩国海洋安全和海洋主权发挥重大作用,能使海军有力 应对可能的朝鲜挑衅。济州海军基地位于西归浦江汀村,耗资超过1万亿韩元(约合8.06亿美元),项目历时十年。黄教安在仪式上说,这座基地位于韩国东、 西部海域的交界处,部署在这里的海军部队将能更有力地应对朝鲜“海上威胁”,一旦有事,可迅速前往东部或西部海域。同时,新基地是一座军民两用复合型观光 港口,可以同时停泊20艘作战舰艇和两艘15万吨级邮轮,弥补了济州岛北部济州港无法停靠8万吨以上邮轮的缺点,有利于促进当地旅游业。韩联社报道,明年 下半年邮轮码头竣工后,预计到2020年将由年均百万游客乘邮轮到济州岛旅游。黄教安说,韩国政府将使济州海军基地发展为美国夏威夷、澳大利亚悉尼那样的世界级军民两用港。(胡若愚)相关的主题文章: