The furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties as you play, Nanjing is creating a new mode of experience t ca1477

The furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties as you play, Nanjing is creating a new model of tourism experience of art Sohu recently, a strange thing happened in Nanjing, everyone is a "humble" furniture racking head. What kind of exhibition can make people crazy to this point. As we all know, in the past at the museum, is always a glass between people and exhibits, out of reach in the history of the glass, the glass side of the Xinruzhishui tourists. The distance apart are the people yearning for the history, and the boundaries of the fence is trying to break the glass, isolated, with "unbounded" break the heart of glass, with a new idea to let viewers and exhibits a zero distance contact. What is the art museum? What is the experience hall? Visitors can imagine the Wanli case before, is a black clad craftsman made, he has no name, but by virtue of apprenticeship generations of the Ming Dynasty, the introverted aesthetic understanding. The carved patterns, in the history of experience with purple Ru skirt woman slowly wipe, no white letters brush look, it is missing a corner, oh, that is the history of scratch, is a study of Western juvenile radical throw Yantai scars, what? Four hundred years of vicissitudes, several generations of change, in today, waiting for the next encounter. Visitors touch it, not only is the perception of wood is warm, beautiful, there is a history of hundreds of years of sedimentation, and to enjoy the taste of life. The so-called: shape and person that is metaphysical that way. Furniture is the "device", is the necessities of life; furniture is also a "road", is the extension of the culture. This is advocated "TOUCH zero line" experience. All of the collections can let people touch any pictures, even with the tourist experience, this is a picture of the late Ming Dynasty ocean bed, then "welcome you to lie down and rest" is responsible person said: "people of ancient Dong Jing usually far, because the antique cultural value, with the" device "will cause damage an irreversible regret, but the furniture is not that fragile porcelain, shiny patina is one hundred years on left portrayal of life, is visible history. In order to understand the culture, to experience life, this is a major change, this moment, Zhengda furniture bridge through history and today." This exhibition of furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties antique, also have a brand new furniture, old craftsman custom but they are the most orthodox standard, "this is the inheritance in the skin and touch wood, people can clearly perceive the historical context, the evolution of civilization. Not only that, in the event, making the builders can also see, even personally dig the wood, guess its classification, spell out the tenon, look at Luban from the wisdom of Chinese civilization for thousands of years of life in this look a touch between the reconstruction of the original representation, between our ancient and no different, for life, and life as we enjoy. In fact, China is now in an era of collision, everyone knows that culture is the embodiment of national strength. At last, the history gives us endless thinking, endless thinking;相关的主题文章: