The global survey released Dave was originally look like G20 – International –

The global survey released   Dave is the original – International – original title: look at G20 global survey released Dave turned out to be about G20 such Beijing on 30 August, leaders of the twenty nation Summit (G20) held in Hangzhou Chinese immediately, this is the Chinese "home court" diplomacy and world economic activity the event. The G20 summit attracted worldwide attention, mainly in the following four reasons: 1, the overall proportion of the main economic indicators of the global high. G20 members accounted for 85% of the total global economy, trade volume of 80%, the population close to 2/3 of the total sum of the world’s population. 2, including the major developed countries and emerging market countries. The member states include the United States, Britain, the European Union and other western developed economies, as well as China, Russia, India and other developing countries. 3, absorbing a series of observer countries. The leaders of the two countries in Africa Ethiopia and Malawi, Senegal, Chad, and other Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and other countries leaders are also invited to attend the meeting. 4, China on the summit theme settings show ingenuity. The summit proposed to build the innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy is closely linked and rich connotation, but also let the world look forward to the Chinese scheme. Since it is so big, we open an investigation on the various social platforms of Xinhua news agency, a total of more than 6 people to participate in, and ultimately come to the 6 results are very interesting. These results not only reflect the views of Chinese and foreign investors on China’s economy and the world economy, but also reflect the fact that China’s global governance is the main driving force in the broader and deeper recognition. For example, Chinese asked which of the most promising industries, more than 30% foreign friends have chosen to artificial intelligence, but everyone on the Internet banking and electronic commerce of the second position disagree. In fact, whether it is the development of artificial intelligence and electronic commerce, are on the "Internet plus" concept, with that of the G20 "innovation" spirit echoing. Innovation needs the main body, innovation stimulates vitality. Boston’s global president Hans? Paul? Buerkkner said in an interview, the current Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs have been very active. During the 2015 G20 summit in Turkey, Turkey chamber of Commerce and Industry Association has many of the same Chinese policy adviser SAP entrepreneurs have good interaction. He said that the rapid development of Chinese enterprises, Alibaba and China Petroleum and other companies impressed him. Chinese recently upgraded economic shift, with many high-tech value-added enterprises in China not only fast, but also to the overseas, many enterprises to overseas audiences impressed, even more than domestic compatriots cognition. We used Taobao in China, and Alibaba know Ma, in foreign countries, a lot of Dave through HUAWEI products to know and understand Chinese. The mighty chairman of the board of directors Marie andringa? Said the theme of this conference is very good, the "vitality" and "linkage" is the core mission of G20, each member should work together to address common challenges. Lack of activity in the world economy相关的主题文章: