The Northeast Martyrs Memorial Hall martyrs memorial, not forget the early heart theme

The Northeast Martyrs Memorial Hall "martyrs memorial? Don’t forget the heart" theme commemorative activities – Heilongjiang Channel – to unknown hero martyr statue presented wreaths. Fangyuan people’s net Harbin 30 September (Fangyuan) September 30th, Memorial Day presented basket flower ceremony held in the Northeast Martyrs Memorial hall. Heilongjiang Provincial Department of culture organs of all Party members and cadres, the Northeast Martyrs Memorial staff, Heilongjiang province public security guard army officers and other people from all walks of life in the Northeast Martyrs Memorial in honor of the Chinese national independence and liberation heroic martyrs, recalling the martyrs expressed great respect the hearts of the valiant record, and infinite grief. At 9 a.m., a flower basket ceremony was launched in the majestic national anthem of People’s Republic of China. Subsequently, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of culture presented a flower basket to the unsung heroes. Written on a basket of red ribbon "eternal life to the revolutionary martyrs". All three bows to the unsung heroes. The whole activity form is simple and atmosphere is solemn. In the ceremony, director Liu Chunjie said: "today is our third martyrs day, northeast Martyrs Memorial Hall as the National War Memorial facilities, national patriotism education demonstration base, to the martyrs presented wreaths ceremony held here, in order to further promote the strong is the spirit, strengthen the education of patriotism and revolutionary tradition. In the martyrs memorial business workers will continue dedication, and have succeeded in carrying out an assignment not forget the early heart working attitude, in order to better cultivate and practice the socialist core values, to maximize the role of national patriotism education, guide cadres and the masses to actively participate in the work of building with wisdom and strength." After the ceremony, people from all walks of life into the hall, visit the "northeast martyrs souls — black during the Anti Japanese War" and "war stories display fourteen years — display the history of the Northeast Anti Japanese coalition". (commissioning editor Zou Hui and Ding Yang)

东北烈士纪念馆举行“追思英烈?不忘初心”主题纪念活动–黑龙江频道–人民网 向无名英雄烈士塑像敬献花篮。方圆 摄 人民网哈尔滨9月30日电(方圆)9月30日,烈士纪念日敬献花篮仪式在东北烈士纪念馆举行。黑龙江省文化厅机关全体党员干部、东北烈士纪念馆全体职工、黑龙江省公安警卫部队官兵等各界群众在东北烈士纪念馆齐聚,共同缅怀为中华民族独立和解放事业英勇献身的烈士,追忆先烈的丰功伟绩,表达心中的崇高敬意与无限哀思。 上午9时,敬献花篮仪式在雄壮的中华人民共和国国歌声中启动。随后,黑龙江省文化厅向无名英雄烈士塑像敬献花篮。花篮的红色缎带上写着“革命先烈永垂不朽”。全体人员向无名英雄烈士塑像三鞠躬。整个活动形式简约、气氛庄重。 在纪念仪式上,刘春杰馆长表示:“今天是我国第三个烈士纪念日,东北烈士纪念馆作为国家级抗战纪念设施、全国爱国主义教育示范基地,在此举行向烈士敬献花篮仪式,是为了进一步弘扬烈士精神,加强爱国主义和革命传统教育。从事烈士纪念事业工作者将本着爱岗敬业、不辱使命、不忘初心的工作态度,为更好地培育和践行社会主义核心价值观,最大限度地发挥全国爱国主义教育阵地作用,引导广大干部群众积极投身各项事业建设贡献智慧和力量。” 纪念仪式后,社会各界群众走进展厅,参观《黑土英魂――抗日战争时期东北烈士事迹陈列》和《抗战十四年――东北抗日联军历史陈列》。 (责编:邹慧、丁洋)相关的主题文章: