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The table spat man drunk driving killed friend Pipanwuqi – Beijing table spat man drunk driving killed friend sentenced Liu drink to friend Jiang, play cards, lost money to borrow 200 Yuan Jiang refused to board part, Jiang Liu to go home looking for him, but in the cell downstairs Liu was killed by driving. Taken to the traffic detachment, was a drunken state of Liu Mou. Beijing Morning Post reporter yesterday was informed that the first instance was sentenced to death because of intentional homicide, Liu appealed. In view of the second period compensation for the families of the deceased all economic losses and get understanding, the Beijing High Court of second instance commuted to life imprisonment liu. Cards altercation after driving butt 49 year old Liu primary school culture, because of theft and jailed for half a year, the 50 year old victim Jiang run a decoration company. Two people usually a good relationship, often eat together and playing cards. Finds the first instance verdict, June 6, 2014, Liu and Jiang for conflict and conflict. 6 o’clock in the evening, in the Northern District of Huairou City, a temple on the north side of the road on the ground floor, Liu Dui driving a modern car deliberately accelerated collision Jiang, causing its death due to severe brain injury. After Liu pulled out 120 and wait in situ. Liu was a drunken state, the police took him to the traffic detachment to sober up after interrogation, after the transfer of Huairou Bureau of criminal investigation detachment. Witnesses Yang said that at that time, he and his wife heard a loud roar of the engine, I saw Liu Jiang drove hit out, the other tail hit parked in front of a car, and was playing to the car front engine cover, then fell to the ground. Liu’s hit by a car parked in front of the other end stopped Passat Passat, knocked out seven or eight meters away. According to Ms. Zhang said playing together, Jiang Liu borrowed 200 yuan after rejecting said: "before you take money from me, I give you, do not give money to you now." Two people were going to yell, we moved. Liu was also threatened to kill jiang. There is no contradiction between the two men, the same day because of drinking alcohol Ryu particularly irritable, usually not so. Claiming to be afraid of the victim’s family, according to Liu confessed, the same day at noon, he and his wife went out to dinner with two friends, during which he drank a total of 782 liquor and beer bottles of three. After dinner, he went to Jiang, playing cards, he and Jiang are lost, "Jiang borrow money from me, I said I would lend you a few hundred dollars, can not play, he was a little angry." Liu said that Jiang wanted to start, he would also like to take a stool hit each other, but was opened. After returning home, he was not comfortable, he called to complain about a friend, persuaded by gas. After that, Jiang called him to prepare dinner, said to eat at home. Liu drove to the gate of the village to see Jiang, Jiang drove up and stopped the car and said want to talk about the table. "He said he was going to fight? Go to your house and drive home." Liu said that the thought of the two children at home, afraid of Jiang Mouzhen to harm the family, they drove past. Jiang Mougang got off the bus, he stepped on the accelerator, two or three meters away from him, I stepped on the brakes, but did not cut down the speed. I did not pay attention to not touch touch him, anyway, Fiji相关的主题文章: