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The United States presidential election voting: the future president is her? Or does he? Sohu news from today, the United States presidential election voting will be officially opened the curtain, the official results will also be in Beijing time 9 days early outcome. A general election drama there will be much raise a Babel of criticism of the end. This year’s election, quite compelling, first of all, the United States is a major example of western style democracy, one of the origins of the election concern. In addition, who will become one of the most powerful country in the world after the new Obama, is also very interesting. At the end of this year’s election, the opponent is a politician – two very distinct characteristics: one is a 69 year old former Secretary of state, her husband also served as president; one is the 70 year old billionaire, writers, entertainers (1992, in its own The Square Hotel in New York, Trump had made a cameo appearance in the "home alone one 2" in the title role), of course, he was also known for its big mouth. Moreover, whether the two person who wins will make history — Hilary was elected the first woman president of the United States history; Trump won the election, he will become the first American president to become billionaire businessman; in addition, although the former US President Bush and Hoover had become president before operating oil companies and mineral company, but in the impact of the president before the throne, two people have entered politics. Therefore, if Trump is elected, he will become the first president of the United States has never served in the government or the military. Judging from the current poll results, although Trump support rate close to Hilary, but in terms of electoral votes, there is still a big gap. Some analysts believe that no major accident, Trump has It is all up with. Perhaps, the next four years, it may be "Hilary era". Want to see the United States election to remember this table in 2016 the U.S. general election will be held in the United States local time on November 8th. The vote will start gradually across six time periods, the majority of public voting time is from Beijing on November 8th at 7 pm on the evening of November 9th until the end of the afternoon at 2. Election results will be officially announced on January 6, 2017. The new president and vice president will take office in January 20, 2017. The key node EST on November 8th 00:01 (Beijing time at 13:01 on November 8th) – the first billing, first announced the voting results may be the New Hampshire mountain town of Dixville, there are only 6 voters, the voting results will soon know. U.S. Eastern time at 6:00 on November 8th (Beijing time at 19:00 on November 8th) – the United States east coast states polling stations are open, the election began. The United States Eastern time at 19:00 on November 8th (Beijing time at 8:00 on November 9th) – polling stations began to shut down, exit polls on election will produce the first forecast. U.S. Eastern time at 23:00 on November 8th (Beijing time on November 9th 12:00) – the basic determination of the vote, the preliminary results of the vote is expected to release. Not surprisingly, the American TV network will begin to call the principal相关的主题文章: