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The whole process of the CM302 supersonic anti-ship missile performance over 3 Treasures data figure: CX-1 Taiwan Navy missile shot treasures -3 anti-ship missiles, the so-called "experts" have claimed that the accident shows Taiwan missiles, "the mainland are not so advanced supersonic missile". In 1, the opening of the Zhuhai airshow, a China defense group exhibited advanced supersonic anti-ship missile, gave this speech a slap in the face. And they have unique properties, enough to make more treasures -3 inferior by comparison. CM-302: looks like the treasures -3 performance, can not the same as in the third China Research Institute of Aerospace Science and industry group booth, gathered more than 20 kinds of shapes of aviation products. The first appearance of the CM-302 supersonic anti-ship missile has a distinctive sharp shape – a sharp conical warhead, axisymmetric four inlet layout, ramjet engine as the driving force. At first glance, and Taiwan treasures -3 was really a bit like. But the two missile shape may have similarities, but one of the researchers as the world’s most advanced anti-ship missiles, CASIC hospitals the favourite work naturally impossible to copy Taiwan. China Aerospace Science and industry group spokesman Lv Xiaoge said, CM-302 is the entire supersonic speed is particularly fast". Although he did not specify the specific speed of the missile, but it is estimated that the maximum speed may be 2.5 times the speed of sound. According to reports, the CM-302 compact solid fuel ramjet, the maximum range in high ballistic mode up to 290 kilometers, if the low altitude and sea skimming, the range will be reduced to a certain extent". In contrast, Taiwan treasures -3 missile although chose the ramjet engine, but due to lack of thrust, can only increase two rockets during takeoff barely can reach the ramjet engine start speed, so it is widely suspected that Taiwan’s vaunted treasures -3 performance index. Not only the performance of water anti-ship missile Taiwan, Taiwan’s army chief made to answer questions in oolong. According to the Taiwan Times reported that the Taiwan legislators Cai 2, Taiwan’s Defense Department to question for Feng Shikuan when the show, f -20 and -31 fighter pictures, to identify the results but Feng Shikuan Feng, do not know the two fighter. Taiwan Army Air Force Chief of staff, "Fan Dawei had said to annihilates -31 annihilates -20. The performance advantage of CM-302 missile is far more than these simple paper parameters. International Cooperation Department of CASIC hospitals chief engineer Yin Lixin said that the missile warhead weighs 250 kilograms, if the use of semi armor piercing warhead, warships from the inside can be drilled into the internal explosion, causing more damage. According to Lv Xiaoge introduction, just hit a missile, it is sufficient to reimburse a 5000 ton battleship. If the seeker is replaced, it can also be used to hit ground targets. In addition, the supersonic cruise capability of the CM-302 missile, not only difficult to be discovered in advance of the opponent’s warships, but also greatly reduces the interception of the other air defense missile interception time window. At the same time, the maximum kinetic energy of supersonic missiles will greatly improve the effectiveness of missile damage, the power is much greater than the same level of ordinary subsonic.相关的主题文章: