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Reference-and-Education There are many reasons for oceanographers to want to get their California teacher certification. Some people may start out their careers intending to teach science. Other people make the choice to become a teacher later on in life. Some people though just decide to stay in school longer and diversify their skills. Some people start out their academic careers knowing exactly what they want to do in life. If they want to teach oceanography in California then they will want their California teacher certification. This can be an arduous project. An oceanography degree already requires many classes. A person must exceed in biology, and various other earth science classes. All of these classes also have labs, which take even more time. If a person wants to teach oceanography, then they will of course need education classes on top of that already heavy class load. To get your California teacher certification, you will also need many education classes. These too require a significant time commitment because you will need to have practice teaching students. Some people decide later in life to go back to school to get their California teacher certification. Sometimes people find that while they are working, the most enjoyable part of their job is teaching others about it. An oceanographer has so much to teach people about the environment. People have finally been listening to environmentalists these days. There is much concern over mans effects on the ocean. Any school would find it very worthwhile to hire a person with real world knowledge and experience of a growing field. Also, Oceanographers may find it very worthwhile to go back to school to get their California teacher certification because of just how many people will be changed by their guidance. Some people choose to remain in school as long as possible to take advantage of the programs available through a professorship. An oceanographer may want the freedom to continue doing research within a university setting. Professors though also need to teach. An oceanographer in California would need to get his or her California teacher certification. A professor can also benefit from this set up though. Professors doing research have access to research assistants and other university facilities that will only go to help their research. Some professors choose to only teach one class too. Although that may be the case this can still be an amazing class. There could be multiple discussions of it and a professor could be teaching hundreds of students every semester. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: