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Tom Hardy – "wave" as the famous black star boss Al Capone – Tom Hardy – the famous entertainment Sohu boss Al Capone Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) famous Hollywood strength actor Tom Hardy, then at the beginning of this year, with the wild "Hunter" was nominated for best supporting actor Oscar, a quiet for some time. The day before, Hardy took a very challenging role of sex — the most famous in the history of Chicago gangster Al Capone. In this is called "Fonzo" in the gangster theme movie, "Tang teacher" is bound to show the purpose of acting, to the Oscar prize for the performance of the impact. "Wave" has been identified by "out of control" to have super budding Josh served as the director tranc. "Wave" of the male protagonist Capon is a topic of considerable character, although he is a "Ke Leon" mafia boss, but many people regard him as "a modern version of Robinhood". Capon’s organization in Chicago, the sale of wine smuggling, gambling, but also did a lot of illegal activities, but his public image is not bad, many times to charitable organizations and community donations. Interestingly, he is still a great emphasis on the appearance of love "fan" the eldest child, he created the classic "Gang uniforms": single – and double breasted suit, a French cuff buckle collar shirt, tie, scarf, belt and taste. He was named "the most dressed man" by the "gentleman" magazine in third place. Such an appearance and inner have rich elements of character, acting and high value for Yan Hardy, natural be nothing difficult, in his film the other potential necessary attention. At present, the film is preparatory, had launched a "shameless bastard", "kill Bill", "the spirit" of the famous producer Marc Laurence, will participate in the production of this film. "Wave" is expected early next year was officially put on the shooting schedule, 2018 landed in North American cinemas.相关的主题文章: