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"Trash against the" 10493 Anhui Mount Huangshan – Beijing environmental protection new China News Agency, Mount Huangshan 24 September Xinhua: "garbage against the" popular Anhui Mount Huangshan environmental protection new author Zhang Qiang 10 bottles of mineral water can be exchanged for a packet of Yellow Wine or a toothbrush, a cup or 60 cigarette cigarette box can be exchanged for a package iodized salt…… In Anhui Province, Huangshan City Xiuning County town flow a supermarket called "junk at the supermarket". Since the supermarket opened in July this year, business is getting better and better. On the morning of 22 villagers, Wang Jiali sent a bag of some pesticide bottles, cans and cigarette butts. Wang Jiali said: These are my usual collection or pick up, get this to focus on the daily necessities, but also to protect the environment. A good sign is now on the road to go out for a walk, picked up a cigarette more and less." Stream town mayor Wu Zhenzhen introduced the town through the waste exchange supermarket this platform for the implementation of environmental protection and poverty alleviation project, will be to reclaim the waste to the recycling station, e station, poverty alleviation and create native fairs counter in the supermarket. Products are sold, in addition to pay farmers purchase price, the profit part of subsidies for poor households, the other part of the garbage feeding exchange business. Wu Zhenzhen said: "Xin’An river is the source of the first stream Town Town, Xin’an river is from here began to flow downstream, so we attach great importance to ecological protection. Refuse to let the villagers get benefits at the same time, beautify the ecological environment of the source of Xin’An River, but also to enhance the people’s awareness of environmental protection." Xin’An river is the first national level China Provincial Ecological Compensation Mechanism of watershed eco compensation pilot, pilot project implementation of the cumulative 192, investment of nearly 10 billion yuan (RMB, same below). Garbage supermarket is only one of the measures to improve the ecological environment and improve the people’s awareness of environmental protection in Huangshan City. 2012, a period of 3 years, the Xin’An river ecological compensation mechanism was officially launched, so that the downstream ecological benefit areas to compensate for the upper reaches of the region. In accordance with the agreement, central fiscal year out of 300 million yuan, Anhui, Zhejiang, each holding 100 million yuan, with the quality of "constitution", jointly set up the environmental compensation fund. Today, Xin’An river ecological compensation mechanism has entered the second round. Huangshan City around the source of construction and protection, industry and tourism industry point source pollution control, river comprehensive renovation of urban life, pollution control, ecological restoration and construction, to enhance the ability of monitoring and other aspects to further increase the protection and management, continue to maintain good water quality in Xin’An river. 2015, in order to strengthen the supervision of agricultural inputs source, reduce and control pesticide pollution, to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products and excellent water quality in Xin’An River, Huangshan City began to focus on the distribution of pesticides. This is Huangshan City in the protection of the ecological environment and another proud move. Huangshan City Agricultural Committee, chief agronomist Wang Qi introduction, a large number of agricultural and sideline products in Huangshan City, in recent years, the city’s flagship tea exports, the annual export volume of about 40 thousand tons, mainly exported to the EU, africa. The export of agricultural products in the international market to have a place to live in, will truly green pollution-free. Promote the centralized distribution of agricultural products not only improve the quality of agricultural and sideline products, but also to protect the ecological environment." Xin’an, Huangshan City,相关的主题文章: