Two French military police are on trial for molesting young female colleagues every day-k-boxing

Two French military police suspected of sexual harassment of young female colleagues every day on the original title: two French military police for alleged sexual harassment of young female colleagues tried every day in the new network on 3 February, according to the European media reported on 3, the French Paris two military police for young female colleagues sexual harassment case 2 day trial in Paris. Reported that the two defendants, one named Julien G.38, deputy officer, a road called Vic F., 37 years old, sergeant. The plaintiff Yuniwan (Ré Union) Marie (a pseudonym), 26 years old, from October 2012 to November 2013 in the province of Rona (Yonne) Juwani (Joigny) military police brigade work. She was in court on charges of Police Brigade of the two junior officers to molest her every day or almost every day: making obscene movements to her, put forward our suggestions. She said, "from my call to the mountain gate," the harassment started, and the defendant was making a metaphor for her native place. The uniformed Marie in court to answer the president’s question, often sound crisp, but sometimes he had to sit down for a while, inhibition of cry. Marie claimed that Vic had threatened her with a public gun. Two officers have been suspended and may be sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45 thousand euros. During the investigation, they called it a joke with the young female colleague. Female president said the case "very delicate", the basic material is the 50 inquiry transcripts, some transcripts are contradictory, on the other hand is the superior "impression". The higher authorities disagreed on the charges of the gendarmerie. Some have good impression, others have bad impression. Editor in chief: SN226

法国两名宪兵涉嫌每天性骚扰年轻女同事受审   原标题:法国两名宪兵因涉嫌每天性骚扰年轻女同事受审   中新网2月3日电 据欧洲媒体3日报道,法国巴黎两名宪兵对年轻女同事性骚扰案2日在巴黎开审。   报道称,两名被告,一个叫于连・G.38岁,副职军官,一个叫路多维克・F.,37岁,中士。   原告留尼汪(Réunion)人玛丽(化名),26岁,2012年10月到2013年11月在荣纳省(Yonne)汝瓦尼(Joigny)宪兵大队工作过。她在法庭上指控宪兵大队这两名下级军官对她每天或者几乎每天进行性骚扰:对她做出猥亵动作,提出淫荡建议。她说:“从我打电话自报山门起”,这种骚扰就开始了,被告就对她的留尼籍贯进行色情暗喻。   身穿军装的玛丽在法庭上回答庭长的提问时,声音往往干脆利落,但有时也不得不坐下一会儿,抑制哭泣声。玛丽声称路多维克还用公务枪威胁过她。   两名下级军(士)官职务已暂停,可能被判3年徒刑及4.5万欧元罚款。调查期间,他们称那是与这位年轻女同事开玩笑。   女庭长称这桩案子“非常微妙”,基本材料一方面是50份问讯笔录,有些笔录是矛盾的,另一方面是上级的“印象”。   上级对女宪兵的指控意见不一。有的印象好,有的印象不好。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: