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Two negative Shanghai Beiqi volleyball crown cornered for home court reversal – Sohu sports Volleyball League finals newspaper news (reporter Li Hui) 2015-2016 China men’s Volleyball League yesterday afternoon the end of the second round of the contest. The road of Beijing’s car wins earlier game be opponents Lianban three innings, the final 1 to 3 lost again. But this defeat makes Beiqi volleyball finals five games three wins in the battle by a lot of 0 to 2 behind this season, red crown also forced on the road to ruin. In the four game, the scores were 25 to 20, 17 to 25, 20 to 25, and 25 to 22. After the first round defeat, the Beijing Men’s volleyball team started the lineup yesterday. Hu Xizhao and teenager Liu Libin took the lead. This change also has effect in the first game, Beiqi volleyball won a game first. But after adapting to the change of Beiqi men’s volleyball team, Shanghai team gradually controlled the situation, and then the three game won two consecutive victories at home. In this game, the scoring machine of Beiqi men’s volleyball team, foreign aid Edgar is firmly controlled by opponents, the four game, his 27 attack only 11 minutes, the success rate is only 40%. Edgar’s offensive defeat has become one of the important reasons for the loss of Beiqi men’s volleyball team. And Shanghai team of two foreign aid and Sabani’s play is exceptionally good, Wang Wei to 27 points high scoring king, Sabani was 16 points ranked second. So far, Beijing auto men’s volleyball team in the finals of the two away road has been completed. The backward situation of 0 to 2 has made it difficult for the Beijing Men’s volleyball team to become the champion of the men’s volleyball team, but it is not without the possibility of a great reversal. The third round will be held next Saturday, and the Beijing Men’s volleyball team has been adjusting their mentality and morale for nearly a week.

两负上海北汽男排冲冠被逼上绝路 盼主场大逆转-搜狐体育  男排联赛总决赛   本报讯(记者 李晖)2015-2016中国男子排球联赛昨天下午结束了第二回合的较量。客场作战的北京汽车男排在先胜一局的情况下被对手连扳三局,最终以1比3再度告负。而这场失利使得北汽男排在总决赛五场三胜制的对决中以大比分0比2落后,本赛季冲冠也被逼上了绝路。四局比分是25比20、17比25、20比25和22比25。   第一回合失利之后,北汽男排昨天首发阵容进行了调整。胡希召和小将刘力宾率先出场。这一变化在首局也取得了效果,北汽男排率先拿下一局。但上海队在适应了北汽男排的变化后逐渐控制住了局面,随后连扳三局在主场赢得两连胜。本场比赛,北汽男排的得分机器、外援埃德加被对手牢牢控制,四局比赛他27次进攻却只有11分入账,成功率只有40%。埃德加的进攻受挫也成了北汽男排输球的重要原因之一。而上海队两名外援萨比和萨瓦尼的发挥却异常出色,萨比以27分高居全场得分王,萨瓦尼则以16分位列第二。   至此,北汽男排在总决赛中的两个客场已经完毕。0比2的落后局面虽然让北汽男排的冲冠之路变得异常艰难,但并非没有实现大逆转的可能。第三个回合的较量将在下周六进行,北汽男排还有近一周的时间调整心态和士气。相关的主题文章: