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Internet-and-Business-Online Video Sharing is a very popular past time that can be found on many social networking sites. The option to use video sharing is .mon on many websites, and can also be added to any site that offers a way of programming new lines into a web page. Video sharing is an easy way of watching videos online without having to search out the video by name and download the video, then speed through to find exactly what you are looking for. Video sharing normally includes clips of movies, music videos and any other type of media that can be found on the internet. Users simply cut the clips from a whole movie or video, and then edit it according to their tastes. These clips are then embedded into the programming of what is seen on a webpage. Types of Videos There are many types of videos offered on social networking sites, professional sites and even training and hiring sites online. Some videos are simply shorts, or 30 second clips that give you an idea what the whole video will be like. These are much like movie trailers that you see prior to watching a movie. These are made by actually clipping certain areas of the movie or video, and then placing them together to be seen as a whole. Professional videos may include training videos for employees to be.e more familiar with a job or duty. These can be on DVD or VHS, but are then transferred to AVI and used on a .puter. Video sharing is not only for teens online, many businesses use videos online to promote their products or services as well. Sites There are a few sites that are dedicated to video sharing, meaning that the only things found on these sites are videos that users have submitted for others to watch. These video sharing sites are normally free to join, and have no stipulations as to how many videos you can watch or upload. Video sharing sites offer videos from users, on subjects from the everyday family vacation to Hollywoods elite being caught drunk in a bar falling down. Regardless the type of video you are looking for, these video sharing sites allow you to .b through their vast library of submitted videos to find exactly what you are looking for. Searching When searching for the right video sharing site to add your video to, look at the requirements of length. Many do require the video be at least 5 seconds long, and if yours is not this long, it is a waste to upload as it will not be shared. If you are simply searching to find that special video, do a general search on video sharing websites, and an entire page of sites will be populated for you to choose from. Each of these will require registration to upload videos, and some require it to watch them as well. Regardless of the reason for searching, once you find the site that best suits your needs, bookmark it and check back often for your favorite genre of video. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: