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Advertising Spot UV business cards have really .e into the mainstream in the past few years, gaining significant popularity in that time. The idea is simple but brilliant and allows for broad possibilities – most of which are attention grabbing and unique. What is Spot UV? You have unquestionably .e across matte business cards. You have surely heard of glossy business cards. Simply stated, spot UV business cards are a .bination of both. Instead of applying a gloss (AKA UV) coating over the .plete card, it is is only applied in particular places, as directed by the designer. regularly, it is used on the .pany name, logo, or other vital visual element. Other times it’s applied in a varying pattern (ie. fleur de lis, stripes, little circles, plaid, emanating from the center a spiral, etc.). The options are limitless. It can be used on the front and back of your card. It can often be printed on different card stocks such as matte, silk business cards, and more. Benefits of Spot UV For one, it is impossible to ignore. It adds both a textural and visual experience unlike other card varieties. The closest example might be foil cards, in which foil is applied to set elements in the card for visible and textural emphasis. UV is a first choice for graphic designers due to its unique appearance and invitation for creativity. Those who receive it are likely to be impressed also, providing for a lasting impression. How Do You Create a Spot UV Business Card? Setting up a spot uv business card isn’t especially difficult. In truth, the setup is just like other card designs – but with one extra step. To explain: a standard business card requires the buyer to present a single design file (for each side of the card). This file displays the design to be printed on the card. In the case of spot UV business cards, this same file is used. But in addition, you’re required to upload a mask file. A mask file is just another design file identifying where the UV coating should be added. A mask file is only black and white. Always. Even for a full color business card. Wherever there is black, gloss will be applied. Wherever it’s white, no UV is applied. In other words, anything in the original design that is to be printed without uv is absent from the mask file. So, if you want to add UV to your logo, but not your contact details, your mask file contains only your logo in 100% black. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: