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Sales The Arabian horse has a number of distinctive features that set it apart from the rest, including the shape of its head and body, its colouring, and its temperament. With this set of characteristics, the Arabian horse is one of the easiest to recognise. This breed of horse also has a great history it is one of the world oldest breeds, with evidence of Arabian horses dating back around 4,500 years. During this time, the Arabian horse was used as a worker, and also during war. It was also used to breed other lines and strengthen the characteristics of different breeds of horses. Consequently, you can find traces of the Arab bloodline in practically every modern horse breed in the world. What is so special about the Arabian horse? The horse has always been highly prized the nomadic Bedouin tribes used to bring the horses inside their tents for protection. Throughout the years, the horses have been selectively bred, so they now have a good-natured character, making them easy to handle and train. In addition, the Arabian horse is versatile and can be used for a number of purposes. It is adept at endurance riding, and was also once prized on the fields of war. This horse breed has a broad forehead with a wedge-shaped head, as well as big eyes and large nostrils. The horse also features an arched neck and a bulge between its eyes. This is believed to increase the sinus capacity of the horse and help it breathe more easily in the dry desert climate. This horse is tall distinctive in its stature. However, within the Arabian horse breed there are distinctions, and not all Arabian horses are the same. Some horses have wider bodies, while others have longer and leaner muscles. The particular characteristics of each horse make them suitable for different environments and purposes. Arabian horses have traditionally lived in close proximity to humans, and only those horses that had a good matured character were bred, resulting in a line of horses that works well with people, including children. However, they also have a hot-blooded tendency that can cause them to be.e spirited and lively in certain situations. Their intelligence means they can swiftly pick up bad habits, along with good habits. It does take someone with experience to handle the horse when it is being trained in order to make sure that it grows up to be placid rather than wild-spirited. Today, the horses are found all over the world, from the UK to South America. You can now find Arabian horses for sale just about anywhere, many of which .e directly from their native homeland in the Middle East. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: