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"White line" premiered on   evolution 11; for women tailored – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn beep beep, the white line commencement of evolution! Please note that boys consciously behind the station, the girls to come this way! In October 11th four, every Tuesday, on the evening of 10 points to 12 points, "white" in the YY LIVE system will evolve in time when mature classes, meaning "the Dean" Luo Gang will be on time in the studio, special reception natural beauty stay adorable white, with the attachment of wheat, the professor is very practical the knowledge content, improve the IQ, EQ, AQ, FQ, HQ, MQ and N Q, which has turned to their expectations, a cute little lady, evildoer…… Listen to the radio in 70, after 80 people, almost no one does not know Luo Gang. In the turn of the century, he hosted a radio program is regarded as a late emotion class program benchmark, in Hunan and even the whole country blew up a hitherto unknown listening frenzy. On the radio ten years, Luo Gang answered countless listeners called emotional telephone consultation, for tens of thousands of urban men and women to solve psychological problems, and therefore have five consecutive years was named the best talk show host Chinese, limelight without the two. In 2011, he co authored "careful! Men just lie to you "once available will trigger panic buying, is for the majority of women are regarded as the Bible for emotional guidance! It is no exaggeration to say that in the sexual feelings programs in the field, Luo Gang’s professional and senior level already allow all doubt. Therefore, when he joined the Hunan Reds Hall of culture media limited company announced the opening of the "white" evolution "of the Department of professional", those who have been rescued the enlightened brothers and sisters immediately applauded, bluntly want second speed "entrance" life for advanced! However, the Luo Gang "eccentric" very much, "white family" was for women only open the door for the tenderness of a small rabbit who risks difficult. As for the boys, although regrettable but do not be discouraged, but the girls program focuses, and gender discrimination, as long as you want, "in" the position you will also have a space for one person, class questions two. The first five female anti concept, smelly man to my side! "White line" evolution will be in this month 11 days a premiere, in addition to improve the urban white IQ, EQ and AQ, health quotient, mental quotient quotient and so on all kinds of programs, more creatively put forward the "five female anti concept, anti violence, anti fraud, anti mistress, prevention harassment and anti sex discrimination, the modern women" enemy ". In this regard, Luo Gang forthrightly said, "white line" evolution is designed for women tailored, is to do their best to "Dean, Professor of urban jungle they, that they really know how to protect themselves. In fact, this is not the first time Luo Gang made a design for female emotional problems. Be careful in publishing! Men just lie to you "a book, Luo Gang had said" not bad men of pride laughing, "what do women always want to point. Several decades of research, has made Luo Gang become the "most women know better than women", the re opening of the new program, Luo Gang is to put themselves on the psychology of women and love) 《小白进化系》11日首播 专为女性量身定制–安徽频道–人民网 哔哔哔,小白进化系开课啦!同学们请注意,男生自觉后边站,女生先请这边来!10月11日起每周二、四、日晚10点到12点,《小白进化系》将在YY LIVE准时开课,届时成熟稳重有内涵的“系主任”罗刚将准时坐镇直播间,专门接待天生呆萌的美女小白,以连线 连麦的方式,教授极具操作性的知识内容,提高大家的IQ、EQ、AQ、FQ、HQ、MQ等等N种Q,从而摇身变为各自期待的妖孽、淑女、小可爱…… 在70、80后收听电台的人群里,几乎无人不识罗刚。上世纪末本世纪初,他所主持的电台节目被视为深夜情感类节目标杆,在湖南乃至全国都刮起了一股前所未有的收听狂潮。于电台工作的十年间,罗刚接听了无数听众打来的情感咨询电话,为上万名都市男女解决心理难题,也因此曾连续五年被评为中国最优秀的访谈类节目主持人,风头一时无两。 2011年,他与人合著的《小心!男人就这样骗你》一经面世便引发抢购潮,更被为广大女性作奉为情感指导圣经!毫不夸张地说在两性情感节目领域,罗刚的专业性和资深程度早已不容置疑。因此,当他加入湖南红人堂文化传媒有限公司宣布开设“小白进化”之“专业学系”时,那些曾经被其开导过解救过的兄弟姐妹便立刻拍手叫好,直言想要秒速“入学”获得人生进阶! 然而此次罗刚“偏心”非常,“小白进化系”竟只为女性敞开大门,专为柔情小白兔们了难化险。至于男生,虽有遗憾但也不必灰心,节目侧重女生,却并无性别歧视,只要你有心,“旁听生”的位置也将有你一席之地,听课提问两不误。 首创女性五防概念,臭男人给我靠边站! 《小白进化系》即将在本月11日热烈首播,除了致力于提高都市小白们的智商、情商、逆商、健商、心商等等各种商数外,节目更创造性地提出了“女性五防概念”��防小三、防家暴、防欺骗、防性骚扰、防性别歧视,将现代女性“大敌”一网打尽。对此,罗刚毫不避讳地表示,《小白进化系》就是专为女性量身定制,就是要做她们最知心的“系主任”,教授她们都市丛林法则,让她们真正懂得如何保护自己。 实际上,这已经不是罗刚第一次针对女性情感问题作出设计。在出版《小心!男人就这样骗你》一书时,罗刚就曾说容不下“坏男人得意的狂笑”,一直想为女人做点什么。数十年的研究,已经让罗刚成为“比女人更懂女人的男人”式的众望所归,此番再开新节目,罗刚更是要将自己对女性心理和情感的研究成果悉数释放,誓为女性“了难”! (责编:范晓琳、马玲玲)相关的主题文章: