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Why is the Dongfeng A9 "ingenuity"? For nearly half a century, Dongfeng Automobile in China’s automobile industry, has been the most powerful artisan temperament of a business. For so many years, it is adhering to the "artistic spirit", Dongfeng Motor to build a generation of classic cars for us. Just a short time ago, the "big craftsman" has brought us a new surprise – Dongfeng A9. Lean manufacturing experience and resources, the global treasure by Dongfeng together for nearly half a century, after 4 years carefully crafted by the advent of high-end passenger car, immediately triggered a widespread concern, is called by industry can best embody the Dongfeng repairer process and technical standards of the ingenuity of the". So, why is the Dongfeng A9 "ingenuity"?   the accumulation of time, any ingenuity spiritual sublimation is called "big man" of the people, is not easy, especially the kind of excellence, become an independent school "artisan spirit", it need a long time to make a qualitative change in skill accumulation, to achieve "technology to art, art changes almost". Like a jar of wine, good skill, pure distiller’s yeast, also need the time of fermentation will make the wine taste more mellow. Dongfeng A9, is also the case. In the half century development process, Dongfeng Automobile in technology and experience has been a considerable accumulation. In this process, Dongfeng has always insisted on independent research and development concept, hope to be able to Chinese kind of temperament into refined and cultured and refuse to be cowed or submit to the automobile manufacturing. After half a century of accumulation, and finally got the perfect embodiment of the Dongfeng A9 body. Only from the perspective of appearance design, Dongfeng A9 absorbed many Chinese unique culture, in the "book of changes" in the "dry" elements as the core concept of "everything" for the design thinking, the adoption of the "three wind" "DDD" as the embodiment of means, reflects the Chinese car contains the oriental cultural connotation; dome and the sharp arc elegant waistline is clearly in contrast to highlight the solidity and strength, Xiantingxinbu, shows the unique elegance of Dongfeng A9 – Dongfeng A9 wins the high-end C level car market, this kind of atmosphere and rich cultural taste, exactly in line with the Chinese people to pursue the calm, elegant, sedate the. This design idea reflects the existence of Dongfeng ingenuity. The accumulation of technology, some people say the ingenuity of Dongfeng A9 toughened and hardened into steel, on behalf of the Dongfeng Group for nearly fifty years of accumulated technology crystallization: as Dongfeng automobile has completely independent intellectual property rights of the lean, Dongfeng A9 in the technical details of the pursuit is regardless of the cost. First of all, Dongfeng Dongfeng Automobile A9 brings together the most experience over thousands of technical team, after nearly four years meticulously, the personnel and time allocation reflects the determination of Dongfeng A9 toughened and hardened into steel. Secondly, in the pursuit of various technical details, Dongfeng A9 is to achieve the ultimate, everywhere reflect the warmth of the user’s high-tech. For example, the whole car of a total of 246 LED light source of the unique design, this is the first in the industry; for example, unique quiet design, the new NVH vehicle sound package enables the A9 to maximize the shock absorption at high speed through the acoustic optimization, while still in the car driving!相关的主题文章: