Women’s 16 building outside the window hangs a line of fire, high hanging rope rescue-guitarpro5

The women’s 16 floor window hanging overhead rope rescue firefighters in October 27th 10 o’clock in the morning, Xuzhou Wang Jing garden A building 16 upstairs happened at the scene, a woman climbed to the balcony outside the window to commit suicide, while firefighters arrived, the woman curled up in the window on the stage, the scene is signs of danger appearing everywhere. In Xuzhou Wang Jing Garden Block A downstairs and looked up to, can be seen in the 16 floor of the window table, a red woman curled up in a corner, low-spirited, a pensive look. After receiving the alarm, police and firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue. A firefighter from the 17 floor window pulls out, docked at the 16 floor window platform, ready to implement high altitude rescue. See this breathtaking scene, the residents downstairs is very nervous. In order not to disturb the woman, firefighters first is carefully rolled into the women’s distance to tens of centimeters place, trying to slowly put the safety belt tied to the woman. But this time from the woman turn out the window has been in the past more than an hour, now she looks very weak. In the end, with two firefighters, the woman was rescued. One insider said, the house is a company employee dormitory, the woman intended to commit suicide, or because of emotional problems encountered.

女子16楼窗外命悬一线 消防员高空悬绳大营救 10月27日上午10点多钟,在徐州望景花园A座楼16楼上发生了惊魂一幕,一名女子爬到阳台窗户外意欲轻生,而消防队员赶到时,女子蜷缩在窗户外台上,现场是险象环生。在徐州望景花园A座楼下朝上望去,可以看到在16楼的窗户外台上,一名红衣女子蜷缩在一角,萎靡不振,一副若有所思的样子。接到报警后,民警及消防人员立即赶往现场施救。一名消防人员从17楼窗翻出,停靠在16楼窗外平台,准备实施高空营救。看到这惊险一幕,楼下的居民也是紧张万分。为了不惊扰女子,消防队员员先是小心翼翼地翻落到距离女子几十公分的地方,试图慢慢把安全带捆绑在女子身上。而此时距离女子翻到窗外已经过去了一个多小时,此时的她看上去十分虚弱。最终,在两名消防队员的配合下,女子被成功解救。名知情人说,事发的房屋是某公司的员工宿舍,女子意欲轻生,或因遇到感情问题。相关的主题文章: