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UnCategorized Yesterday, I plonked down $34.99 of my hard-earned for yet another work at home ebook. It promised that I could work at home for bazillions of dollars in a month. I found to my dismay find that it contained only one page on how to flog it to the next poor sucker who is desperate to work at home. Like most people I want to be free of an arrogant boss, pay rising mortgage interest payments and enjoy a better lifestyle that more money can achieve. Being lied to by its sales page I immediately requested a refund from Clickbank. No doubt you have had a similar experience and I know how you would feel. Remaining positive, but very sceptical, I then set about to search for that elusive 10% of all work at home ebooks out there that I’ve been told have any real value. Before doing so I got up from my .puter and had a cup of coffee with my husband – who, among other things, is a good listener and acts as a great sounding board for me to get things off my chest. He gently reminded me that we often overlook the obvious. It struck me right then and there that there was one work at home ebook I was already including in my autoresponder emails as a back-end sale to the optin list I was building. With a healthy dose of scepticism – and guilt, because I was promoting something I hadn’t yet tried myself – I studied its sales page, google-searched the ebook’s title, author and distributor and found that on the surface, at least, this product looked good and had credibility. When I downloaded the ebook I was pleasantly surprised, then tremendously excited, because the content did what its sales page said it would do – plus more! This is because it provides a clear path for anyone to follow to generate short-term cash without a website or product and then, building on this, how to generate long term residual cash and which can fund experts to set up your site for you – if you want to go that far. It’s brutally honest and warns you that you have to work your heart out, at least in the initial stages, to set it up to generate cash in the short-term. What I particularly liked here is that with the specific, clear directions my workload will be results, not task, driven. Gone are the days where I will spend hours behind the screen hoping for results from the hit and miss nature of 90% of those so-called internet work at home schemes out there. Yes, I can confirm that if you think smart, i.e., take time out from your .puter and talk things through with someone you trust, rather than just work hard on your own behind your screen all day (and night), you will find that elusive 10% of information products out there that over-deliver on their promises. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: