World Bank President Jin Yong’s term of office next year will be said to be able to re elected

World Bank President Jin Yong said to the term will hope to re-election next year the original title: World Bank President Jin Yong said to the hopes of re-election term will be local time on April 14th next year, the World Bank President Jin Yong said in Washington, the world bank and the Asian infrastructure investment bank (Asian investment bank) is preparing the first cooperation project. China News Agency reporters Diao Haiyang and she, August, 25, according to South Korean media reports, the World Bank President Jin Yong’s term will be until next year in June 30th, he said, hoping to be re elected. According to reports, the world bank board 23 on the selection and appointment of the president of the world bank to discuss. The world bank said, will be open and transparent manner and results of doctrine to 5 year term of President election. From the beginning of the 25 to 14 next month, so far, the world bank will accept the volunteer candidates, and then by interviewing 3 candidates after screening, and ultimately selected the next president to take 2 to 3 weeks. Is expected to end next month or early October, is whether it can achieve re-election will know the outcome. Mr Kim said in a statement that he has made great achievements in working together with the world bank dedicated staff during the past 4 years, if he can win re-election, will be a great honor. According to the analysis, the world bank has the largest shareholder with the support of the United States, is elected president of the possibility of a larger. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: