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Yu Zhengsheng met with the delegation of Taiwan county mayor – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Zhao Bo) in September 18, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng 18, met with the mayor of Taiwan County delegation. Yu Zhengsheng first to the delegation welcomed the delegation of Taiwan county mayor in the new situation of major changes in the Taiwan Strait, as in the past to adhere to the "92 consensus" political basis, actively promote cross-strait exchanges in cities, to maintain and promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations is appreciated. Yu Zhengsheng pointed out that since May this year, the new Taiwan authorities refused to recognize the "92 consensus", do not agree with both sides belong to one China, destroyed the political basis for peaceful development of cross-strait relations, resulting in the loss of mutual political trust between the two sides, the peaceful development of cross-strait relations was destroyed, institutionalized communication mechanism is shut down, the good momentum of peaceful development of cross-strait relations 8 years have been seriously affected, especially the compatriots on both sides of the vital interests of the Taiwan compatriots suffer. This is the situation that compatriots on both sides are unwilling to see. Yu Zhengsheng stressed that in the face of the new situation, our policy towards Taiwan will not change. First, adhere to the one China principle of "92 consensus" position will not change. No matter which party, organizations or individuals to make what interpretation of the "92 consensus", can’t deny the facts of history, can not change the core meaning of the two sides belong to one of the. At this point, our standards and attitudes are consistent. As long as the Taiwan authorities to return to this position, the cross-strait exchanges can be restored. Two is firmly opposed to any form of "Taiwan independence" and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the position will not change. We will not tolerate anyone, in any form, "Taiwan independence" separatist activities. Whether it is engaged in a "radical independence", or engage in progressive and flexible make only superficial changes to "Taiwan independence", the results can only fail. Three is to promote cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in various fields, for the two sides to seek the well-being of compatriots and sincerity will not change. Yu Zhengsheng pointed out that the more complex the situation of cross-strait relations, the more the need to strengthen cross-strait exchanges in various fields. No matter which city and county in Taiwan, as long as the nature of cross-strait relations and the right to communicate in the city have a correct understanding, is willing to enhance the well-being of compatriots on both sides and contribute to the family, we have a positive attitude. Cross strait exchanges between cities and counties to safeguard and promote the overall development of cross-strait relations and peaceful development of services, and strive to enhance the well-being of compatriots on both sides of the Strait, continue to close the feelings of compatriots on both sides. Through cross strait grassroots counties in exchange for exchanges matchmaking, open channels, establishing a mechanism to continue harmonious feelings of compatriots. Taiwan cities and counties can be based on their own situation and needs, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the mainland, and make full use of the mainland’s resources and markets for the benefit of local people. Yu Zhengsheng said, hope compatriots on both sides, strengthen confidence, eliminate interference, the peaceful development of cross-strait relations take care of the hard won achievements, to build cross-strait common destiny. Visiting Taiwan mayor said he hoped the two sides continue to promote exchanges in various fields on the basis of the 92 consensus, mutual benefit and win-win.相关的主题文章: