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Zhang Ziyi served as the Toronto platform Partner Award judges directing de Palma – Entertainment Sohu Zhang Ziyi was invited to the Toronto Film Festival this year single platform awards of the   Sohu; entertainment news (Kazakhstan maiwen) in August 25th, many international film festival officially announced that Chinese actor Zhang Ziyi, American director Blaine de Palma ("mission impossible", "love of the owl dawn", "Scarface"), Chad Haman – Director Ma jalon (sare – "the scream man", "dry") will serve as this year’s Toronto Film Festival Jury Award platform. Zhang Ziyi has served as the three Cannes film festival main competition unit, the film foundation and the short film unit, a unit of attention to the jury. Over the years, Chinese filmmakers have been recognized on the world stage. Not long ago, the Venice Film Festival officially announced that Zhao Wei served as the main judge of the Venice Film Festival this year. Special Toronto Film Festival over the years is no competition, only the audience to watch the movie after voted people’s choice award. However, from last year the beginning of the fortieth session of the organizing committee, decided to set up a competition unit — platform (Platform), award winning film will get 2-5 million Canadian dollars in cash rewards. The award comes from the name of Chinese director Jia Zhangke’s "platform", this was taken in the 2000 film was premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in North America, Jia Zhangke with the film in 2011 in Toronto ten years of the new century Award for best director. Last year, the first platform award went to Jia Zhangke as a judge. In the 12 films nominated, Toronto director Alan – Zweig’s "injury" won the first place, Chinese director of the "return to be loved every day" and the other two directors were awarded the special award of the jury. This year, directed by Feng Xiaogang, Fan Bingbing, Guo Tao, Peng who starred in the "I am not Pan Jinlian", directed by Zhang Ziyi, Ge You, Cheng ears, Asano Chunobu, Gillian Chung, who starred in the "romantic" and the history of extinction, kylin pictures produced Wu Yunlong, Xia Yu, cast us adduct "dragon" (the birth of film legend story Bruce Lee will show). The Toronto Film Festival will open on September 8th, closing on September 18th. There are a lot of public attention in the first film exposure sheet, such as Oliver Stone’s topic of "Snowden", as the opening film remake of "the magnificent seven", about the rolling stones "Rolling Stones: long live Latin American tour record" etc.. The first single: 19, 1 panoramic screenings "come" Arrival America Canada premiere director: Denis Villanueva starring Amy – Adams Jeremy – Forest – Whitaker Reina story: from the movie "enemies", "the prisoner" director Denis Villeneuve directed, according to the nebula award and the Hugo Laureate, Chinese the science fiction writer Jiang Nan of the same name? A short story, tells the story of alien spacecraft to earth, Amy Adams plays the linguist employed by the government, to understand their communication with the alien purpose. However, when the alien language "seven leg bucket" with these exchange visitors,相关的主题文章: