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"Zhu Shuanzhong" was the hilarious interpretation of housing Brothers – Sohu "housing" double entertainment Sohu Zhu Shuanzhong entertainment news recently, directed by Zhang Yongxin’s drama "844000 housing" CCTV being hit, as the story unfolds and the story goes on, the audience is more and more, the ratings way up. The strength of the actors played by Zhu Shuanzhong 844000 leader Wei Sichuan with excellent and working ability and behind the brothers of the popular audience to appreciate the profound sentiments of friendship, but in the latest story was played by Wang Zhifei Chuan Wei Zhang’s temporary put together by telephone two people sang a double air, Zhu Shuanzhong confused, unknown so the superb acting made the audience uproarious, repeatedly praised. The latest story, 844000 encountered some difficult problems, in order to intimidate the debtor Zhang’s panicked phone will go to a friend, Wei Chuan, Wei Chuan from the unknown so the phone heard to call him "big Wei Zhang’s lawyer" is confused, Zhang’s brave acting on the other end of the phone "lawyer insisted Wei Chuan", and Wei Chuan is a face like Meng confused two irrelevant answer conversations hilarious, especially in Sichuan Wei asked "did you drink" shows the true appearance, people can only clap laughs, but two people called "one of the hilarious interpretation the classic story" in the housing, but also add a lot of fun for the relocation of tedious work, won the audience’s attention. Zhu Shuanzhong’s acting performance of popular online message have called Zhu Shuanzhong is the history of the most adorable wingman "and" a brother ". For nearly twenty years of experience in acting acting Zhu Shuanzhong moderation and emotional performance is like a duck, acting the details of the performance and the overall control is in place, let the audience see the outstanding ability of Wei head stay cute adorable. After looking forward to Zhu Shuanzhong more reversal performances, to bring the audience more smiles and moved.   相关的主题文章: